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That girl in the picture is Nadia and this is where she writes about things you don’t really want to know.


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    Saturday, May 24, 2008
    The iPod doesn't support blogger! I can only type here. Doink!

    1:56 AM

    Monday, May 19, 2008

    The internet connection has been down and depressing!! I could only be logged onto my YM and Ares. The rest.. Kaput! When I open my browser, it displays Safari can't open the page. Those words drove me insane! I was forced to resort to Ippo. It's very useful in times like these but after a while it just gets far too painful. My poor eyes had to suffer! And that is exactly why there have not been an entry for quite a while.

    There was a lot to write about actually. Well maybe. I just had a lot of things on my mind. Was dealing with some personal issues. Still dealing to be honest. I can only describe it in one word - ugly. I apologize from every inch of my being, to you know who you are. 

    This weekend has been tremendously great. 3 Pumps Days in a row!! Woohoo! I had a wonderful time sayang, thank you. :) (*screams* ALP!)

    Aha, this is the part where I get weak and grumpy. Class is starting tomorrow!! Pfft.
    I have not even had enough rest!! (haha riiight). Okay, well I still have not packed my last semesters books. They are still on the table! Oh maaan, now I have to wake up early!! Noooo... I am already used to waking up when the Sun is above my head. *grunts*

    Lucky I am feeling rather sleepy now. It's 10pm!! Wow. 
    Wanted to write more since I've not written at all this past week but yaaaawn I'm gonna go make myself sleep or something. Class at 8.30! Oh buggah.

    But ooohhhh I have Nigella Lawson's FEAST Cookbook! Yayyyy! Someone gave it to me as a present. =) He really knows how to make me glow with happiness! All the things he has done for me, the words he has said, the gifts, the love.. I feel very blessed. Have never been happier. :)))

    Right, just as I was publishing this entry the connection fell sick again. aaaaaaaaaaaah......

    - About 2 hours later.. I'm gonna click on PUBLISH POST. *hopeful*

    9:56 PM