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    Sunday, December 30, 2007
    It is ending.

    This year I turned 20. (as previously mentioned.) That is a pretty big number no? It is amazing how my perceptions and thoughts have immensely changed over the years. People would call it 'growing up'. This time last year I believed I had found the one. Naive alert! But really, I truly believed it when he said someday he was going to marry me. (dingdong!) Me? Finding true love at the age of 19? Me? Miss Independent me? It was too good to be true and it was, just that. Too good to be true.
    That short love-sick-head-over-heels experience taught me a lot. Showed me a lot. Both good and bad. So thanks, ****** ****** for that. There's always you in me as I cherish the things we shared. Even when you did break my heart, I know now it was the best decision for both of us.

    Right now I am in a relationship and I try not to get too ahead of myself. I believe in balance. When my life is well balanced, things will run smoothly. Easy peasy. (right!) I try not to let lust take over. I would rather take my own sweet time in getting to know the other person. At the end of the day, what matters is who the other person is and what he makes you to be. I want someone who could bring out the best in me and won't settle for less. Is that too much to ask? I mean, I'm not like wanting it at this instant or anything but you know.. eventually. ;) And nooo I do not want a boy. A man s'il vou plait. Someone like Captain Von Trapp. *drools* Hahaha. Attention to all you sissy guys out there (I know a few) : BE A MAN.

    Psst : ilmpvm. ;)

    Okay next topic! New Years Eve!!! I cannot waittttt! We'll be having BBQ at Coco's and I'm gonna be around my loved ones. =)
    *Mental note : Get potatoes.
    I'll be making BBQ potatoes! I hope I don't kill anybody in the process. Muahaha.. I have not tried it before so fingers crossed! If it turns out bad (i have a feeling it wont), don't blame me! ;)

    Bored out of my mind! dadida.

    Why is it that when I feel like blogging, nothing comes to mind!

    pfft. Later.

    12:29 AM

    Friday, December 14, 2007
    We've Got Some Catching Up To Do.

    It has been almost a month since I blog-ed. But who cares right? :p

    Between my last entry and today, a LOT has happened. I guess that is the reason I didn't write. No time on my hands! And when I do, my fingers were just really tired and needed rest. So what have my fingers been up to these days I hear? As I previously stated in my last entry, I was going to make a lil business out of my cupcakes and hey guess what? Business is running babyy!

    I have been receiving orders from supportive friends and family. And also friends of family and family of friends. I feel blessed! I think i have sold approx. 160 pieces of Sugar Fairy Baby Cakes! Whoopeedoo! I think my slogan should be "Gimme some sugar!" haha soo unoriginal right? pfft.

    That is pretty much what I have been busy doing lately.. But wait, I TURNED 20!! So that must be a big deal no? hmm.. not exactly. I still am the same person I was at 19. Probably fatter. haw di haw haw. I had a pleasant birthday this year. On my birthday itself, I spent it with Boyfriend. I think it was my first time spending a birthday with someone super duper special. hee. My family surprised me the day before at my grandparents. The uncles and aunties were there, and so were my lil adorably loud cousins! I felt like it was their party instead of mine but thats totally fine with me. I love for kids to be happy. And boy, weren't they happy!? They opened my presents, they blew my cake. The 2 girls Chacha and Aya had their Tiaras on their heads.. Ggr soo cute!! That was actually one of the best birthday party I have ever had!

    Alrighty, so the party was on sunday. Saturday was the most exhausting day of 2007 for me!! In order to explain why, I should start by writing about what happened on Friday.

    At about 7pm, 4 cars from Padang section 9 left for Janda Baik. I was in Izra's car with a trunk and backseats filled with pillows and blankets and whatnot. We were on our way to our Kelab Kembara Reunion Trip! It was devastating that all 3 (coco, fateen and jijah) couldn't come with us, so it was just me and Izra (as usual). We reached the Petronas on NKVE first so we waited for the other cars before we continued. From there onwards, Fazil became our passenger. He got to sit with all the pillows! We arrived around 9 if i'm n0t mistaken. I don't remember but we got there when it was already dark. duhh. Quickly we shifted the food and drinks from the car to the Tower and BBQ area. The place was absolutely beautiful! I was thinking "This is a bloody nice house!". There was a guest house, a pool house, a pool (obviously) and a lake! Annndd did I mention the Tower!? On the ground level of the Tower, there was a sitting area with a karaoke system! Tempting. :) Food was served not long after we arrived. Food consists of BBQ chicken, sausages, mashed potato and coleslaw. There were enough to feed an Army! We ate and ate and ate and still had tonnes of leftovers. We sang and took pictures for a couple of hours. Me and Izra took the mic and had a go at the Spice Girls! lol.
    After our stomachs were satisfied and vocal chords stretched out to the max, we headed to the swimming pool and jumped! Bbbrrr it was freeeezing!! But I guess we stopped shivering after a while. More pictures taken here!
    Before we lost our senses, we got out of the pool to warm up. Me and Izra resorted to the Pool House and started to dance to the radio. That, was fun! Sooo Grey's Anatomy! I quote Dr. Cristina Yang "Just dance it off."
    Some songs were too slow to dance to and as I was trying to change the radio station, I heard a big SPLASH! Someone fell into the fish pond!!! LOL. I felt bad, we all felt bad but it was just too effing hilarious. The poor child was drenched! Plus all of her belongings! I felt so sorry, but still.. we just couldn't stop laughing.
    After the big fish pond ordeal, we cleaned up the Tower and walked to the house and settled down. We bathed, and a few went straight to bed. The rest were in the living room chilling, playing the Xbox 360 or Poker. I was in the latter group. Yeah baby I almost won! haha. Emphasize 'almost'!
    Poker finished and it was Pictionary time! Izra was my partner of course and we did pretty well. haha. Syafiq partnered with Tasha and Amir was with Nonie. Twas a ridiculously amusing game! "CHINA". Nuff said.
    Before we knew it, the sun peeked behind the tall trees of the mountain. I just sat outside and watched the sunrise. It was over within a blink of an eye. Hello, saturday! I was already drowsy at that time so I made my way back to the room and found there wasn't an empty space for me to sleep. Oh well, I loooove fresh air so I took my blankie and cushion outside on the patio. I layed down on the enormous bench (it was the size of a day bed!) and drifted away. I woke up 3 hours later on a mattress inside the room. I got cold at one point and walked inside and landed next to Tasha. I knew someone was taking a photo of me sleeping and I found out later it was Quka! She was also the one who sang to everyone to wake us up. She woke me up! hehe. Before there was a queue for the bathroom, I took a shower first. Refreshing!
    Amir cooked rice and they made fried rice for breakfast. It was spicy but oh boy was it tasty! A couple of us had our brekkie outside. We chatted, browsed through Amir's fancy iPhone and just chilled. What a bliss!
    When everyone was up, they decide to swim in the river. I went along to watch and listen to the soothing sound of nature. :) I also had Amir's D80 around my neck so I took pictures of them in the water, splashing water and also falling into the water. haha. That camera is uber cool!
    The time was about 1pm, Izra and I decided to make a move. She had plans with her mom and I had somewhere to go to. *grin* Tasha and Elly came back with us too. I had a complicated situation about something so a major headache attacked! That adding to the lack of sleep! Not just the 3 hours in JB, that entire week has been filled with sleepless nights.

    By the time I got home and showered, my problem still wasn't solved. An hour after, I finally *sigh* settled on a solution and YES I was going to Turn On The Pop, Live&Loud KL. Yes oh yessss!!! Syafiq was a darling to drive me and Tasha to the concert. We arrived at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club around 7pm and had to park a mile away. Walked to the entrance, showed our tickets and uh-oh our bags had to be checked! There was a sign stating NO CAMERAS allowed! Like, helloooo who goes to a concert without bringing a camera!? A camera phone at the very least! So they checked my bag *flashback! Dad came while we were waiting in Syafiqs car to give my birthday present. A Sony T2 cameraaaa!! Happy happy joy joy!* So ok, yeah they checked my bag and LUCKILY the camera was in the zipper. *phew* I passed.
    As we were walking across the park, an Indonesian band was performing. We had NO idea who they were. We stopped walking and just looked around. All of the sudden this pretty lady came to me and said hello. She was a host for and wanted to interview us. hahahaha. I can't remember what me and Tasha said and NOO I did not wait in front of the tv to watch it. lol.
    We then made our way to the crowd, we couldn't get far so we just stood at a reasonable area.
    Soon after Elliot Yamin came on stage and I screeeeeeeeeeamed my lungs out! He sounded amazing live! His voice was just oooohhh brilliant! I recorded parts of his performance here and there. He was so good!
    Next performance was by the local artists. They surprised me to say the least. Excellent singers performed during that period! My favourite one was Noryn Aziz. That lady sang her heart out!! Others were Anuar Zain, Jaclyn Victor, Nikki to name a few. Their performance took forever to end and I was getting restless! Other people were obviously were too. We just wanted to get them off the stage! They sang good, but come onnnn.. we don't need to hear them singing 3 songs each!! I'm gonna leave out unimportant details now. *yawn*

    The concert came alive when Shaggy walked on stage! He drove the crowd wild! Shaggy totally rocked out every single malaysian asses out there! Man I just love him! Rayvon was there too belting out Angel. :) Shaggy performed a generous number of songs for us. I was indeed a happy gal! By that time me, Syafiq and Tasha were separated. I squeezed my way through to the middle of the crowd. So there I was singing and dancing along to Mr. Bombastic. After Shaggy, the audience were fully energized! However due to the rubbish amount of time we had to wait for the stage setup, the energy faded. I was already on my knees. I felt like fainting but I kept telling myself not to as I was all alone. Scary thought!
    I really must criticize the stage management. They were awful! Ridiculous!

    1am : Dum dum dum the moment we have all been waiting for... Whitney Houston!!
    She started off with 'If I Told You That' and she sounded raspy for some reason. Jet lag? Flu? Permanent damage due to drugs? God pleeeease no! It can't say it was a 'fireworks' moment, she came out and I had to convince myself that that woman on stage is Whitney Houston! I was seeing Whitney Houston LIVE! She didn't sound exactly like Rachel Marron in The Bodyguard, but her voice was still Whitney. I respect her for all that she has accomplished and coming back to regain her Great singer status. She probably won't gain it soon, but I believe she will. Someday. I mean, after all she has gone through give the lady a break. Her life has turned upside down and here she was trying to satisfy her fans, again. She sang her most popular songs such as heartbreak hotel, exhale, danced to i wanna dance with somebody and step by step and more. Even sang a beautiful duet with her daughter, Bobbi Kristina. She forgot the words but mommy rescued her. It was really sweet. Whitney ended the show with 'the' Whitney anthem, I will always love you! She did not hit her usual high notes and she did lower the keys to most of the songs, but she still sounded great. At one point she had to hushed the audience cuz we were singing out of beat (and wayyy out of tune! haha). But she smiled and I guess the fact that we still knew the words to her songs touched her.

    The crowd cheered for her as she made one final run on the side stage and at threw her face towel into the crowd. The person who caught it is one lucky dude alright!!
    And that was it. Boo. People started to walk away from the stage but some hardcore fans stayed and shouted for an encore! I joined Tasha with her aunts and cousins at the back. "We want more! We want more!" we screamed. And when the music started again, people came rushing back to the stage. Whitney then came out singing "I'm every woman" Smiles were on our tired faces!! We started dancing again until she bid her final goodbye to us ever so lucky audience. It was already 2am and I was 70% brain dead but it was totally worth it. Come on, it was Whitney Houston baby!!

    Shall not forget that weekend. That exhausting yet fulfilling weekend. =)

    1:18 AM