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That girl in the picture is Nadia and this is where she writes about things you don’t really want to know.


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    Saturday, January 19, 2008

    Just as I was about to begin this post, I received a text message from Pmpkn. He got into a car accident. Oh God I wish he is alright. My heart is beating so fast right now I feel like my chest is going to explode any minute. Should I call? But he did text me.. So he must be okay right? And he said he'll talk to me later. Hmm. I should call. Yes, calling now..
    Not answering.. Shucks. Lets just hope that he is probably talking to people or whatever people do when the get into an accident. Remind me again.. He did text me to inform me, so he has his fingers, he has his hands, he can think.. So he is fine. Yes, I am sure he is.
    Nooo i am not! Ughh I need to know what is happening!! No reply yet.. Pumps, please reply.. Please let me know that everything is alright.
    It has been 8 minutes and still no reply!!!! :(
    Phone, ring. Phone, ring. Phone, ring. Phone, ring. Phone, ring. Phone, riiiinnnggg!!!

    Nope, not ringing. He is fine. He is okay. He is alright. He is in one piece. He is safe. He is perfectly well. Ouhh I am feeling queasy!
    13 minutes alreadyyyyyyy!!!!
    I am worried. Very worried.

    After 10 more loooong minutes he called, and he is fine. :) Just imagine how relieved i was!!
    He couldn't talk long so he called again about 5 minutes ago and told me what happened. I'm just glad that he's alright. Super glad. :)))))))

    Okay now I have totally forgotten what I wanted to initially write about. I'll come back once I remember. ;)

    5:41 PM

    Monday, January 7, 2008

    New year, new semester. 4th one to be exact. My last semester of my 2nd year! Woot woot! Who would have thought I'd get this far?
    Classes illegally started on new years eve. That is opposing my law. Like seriously, first day of classes on NYE??? You must be kidding me! So of course I didn't bother to go. Only got myself to school on Friday. haha. Had my first class, which was Investment Analysis. Seems very interesting, no? I'm getting ready to make money people! Just watch out! :p Tomorrow is really the beginning.. I have 3 classes! 10.30 till 6! Crrrrrazyy! Bringing along one LBD just in case things get really boring. haha.

    Today was wonderful. I drove to Setiawangsa to pick up Pmpkn. First time ever in my life!! Only you understand that Pmpkn. ;) Again, thank thank thank you for being you. Ilymm!

    Met up with Coco, Izra, Fateen and Azfar earlier at Swensen's, Subang Parade. Their Butterscotch ice cream is fantastic!! And you mustn't forget to order it with Hot Fudge topping. Sinful! And ohh, I think I'm in love with the Banana Choc Chip Muffin from Starbucks. Or maybe just with the person who bought it for me. Mmmhmm.

    Dddddarn it! It's getting real late! I must must must get some sleep! Taa! zzzzz.

    12:30 AM

    Saturday, January 5, 2008
    I'm Mrs "Extra, Extra! This just in!"

    Read & View photos :

    I don't know why she is affecting me so much. Big time! I feel really really terribly sorry for her. My heart actually aches right now. She looks more than miserable.. I guess I kinda understand how she feels. I have seen that look before. The I-can't-believe-I've-lost-my-kids look. I know. Some of you might know what I mean by that. *Sigh*

    I have this urge to hold her. And then snap her out of all this BS. Somebody please help the poor girl already!! She doesn't seem like she can do it on her own. Wow I can't believe I'm getting upset over this. But I really am! (Again!!)

    I truly believe that she is losing her mind. She is soon to be gone. She will be just another has been. But I don't want that to happen.. I honestly don't. And I think it is still not too late to fix things.
    Again, why am I stressing myself over this?
    And like nobody is going to read this and do anything about it anyway. AND, nobody who could do something about it is ever going to read my blog. Pah.

    4:12 AM

    Thursday, January 3, 2008

    I think I need some space. Maybe I don't. But I also think I need to get to the root of the problem and in my mind, I know what the problem is. At least I think so. Yeah, there has been a lot of thinking going on..
    A part of me is telling me to fight, but I know better that it is only going to increase tension and frustration. So no to that. Another part of me is telling me to just let it go. Move on.. But I know for certain that problems don't go away that easily. One day it will come back and it will be much worse than it already is. And the other part of me is saying I know myself and I know what I want and in order to get what I want, I need to set things straight. I need to lay everything out in the open so that a certain degree of understanding could be reach. That is exactly what I want. Understanding. I thought I understood, but I guess I was wrong. I have mistaken. I am at fault. Though it is not fair for me to burden myself with all the blame.. I know I am not the only one who have mistaken someone for somebody else. I never expect anything more than respect, understanding and love from anybody yet it still is difficult to receive all 3. Should I lower my expectations? Should I keep trying? Or should I do what I always do.. Walk away.
    I don't intend to perform the latter as it will crush me like ice cubes in a snow cone machine.
    I know what I need to do but I just want some time to reflect on everything. One night perhaps. I know these things happen all the time so I am going to keep my head up high and have faith in whatever that is best for me. For us.

    11:52 PM

    Wednesday, January 2, 2008
    Grilled to perfection.

    2008 has begun!!!

    I can't honestly say that it was a splendid start, as I received a tragic news about one of my closest friend's loss. Her father passed away on the 31st of December, 2007.
    Ni, I'm here for you. Always.

    To those who are reading, please take a moment to pray for the deceased. *Al-Fatihah*


    I spent New Years Eve at Coco's. BBQ! We did it all on our own. Bravo Bravo! Hmm.. But we are old enough aren't we? Haha.
    There were drumsticks, lamb, kebabs (we had to improvise on the wrongly cut beef. We asked the butcher at Tesco's to cut the block into steak-like pieces but nay, he cleverly cut them into small squares. Square steaks!? No way!), potato salad, BBQ potatoes, chicken alfredo (Thanks Izra's auntie!), mac & cheese and garlic bread (courtesy of Fateen), bihun goreng (DD), nasi goreng (Azfar) and uhmm.. well, loads more! A little too much for the party of 12, no? There were plenty of leftovers! And I mean, PLENTY. Enough for another party!
    We sang, danced, grilled (Lee Ann), laughed, & jumped into the pool. Well, Izra PUSHED me and DD into the pool. Hilarious!
    When the countdown started, we gathered at the outside TV area with our paper crowns and those pop things. Those little bottles with a string hanging out at the bottom and when you pull it, it goes POP! and confetti comes out. Yeah, whatever those are called.
    12am - "HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR! pop! pop! pop! pop! Woooooo..." Song in the background : None other than Dancing Queen by Abba. Were we celebrating 1976? ~
    Fireworks started and we rushed to the opening and saw fireworks from 3 different locations. We had to climb the fence to watch. But Boyfriend didn't. :)
    I couldn't ask for a more perfect countdown. Had my loved ones around me. I was over the moooonnn...
    We then started to play 'pss' and later Pictionary. The former was a tummy twisting round of good fun. I laughed so hard!! We hit each other hard too! Man, the pain was immense. But totally worth it! *grin*
    Played a bit of Pictionary before me and Boyfriend had to leave. Said our goodbyes and walked towards the car. I got to open up the convertible! *bigger grin* Ooohhh Fateen gave me a balloon so there I was in the passengers seat broadcasting my balloon to the people of Shah Alam. Haha.
    Parked in front of my house and reminisced about the night. :)))))

    31st of December 2007 - A night well spent!! Definitely unforgettable.

    12:28 AM