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    Wednesday, April 23, 2008
    Al Dente.

    Another paper tomorrow! 
    Have I studied? Yes. 
    Am I prepared? Yes. 
    Am I nervous? No.
    I am actually very calm. Wow! I know tomorrow's exam is a potential distinction paper. Confident of me to say that! Maybe after all these Personal Development stuff I've been reading. 
    I just gotta say that I neeeeeed the grade!! I so so soooo do! I hope what I've done is enough. Good luck to me!

    Guess what? Made my own lunch again today. Woohoo!
    And pasta again. On a serious note, I could eat pasta every single day of my life! I have always preferred pasta than rice. Just shows how much I love Italian food. :) Love love love.
    Today's pasta was different though. I used Angel Hair this time and made Pasta Con Tonno. That's tuna in english. I rummaged through the freezer but couldn't find any chicken or beef. Opened a cabinet and tada! Spicy tuna! Thought it would work with the Angel Hair and yeappp, it did!!



    My darling Izra picked me up tonight and took me to D.E for some catching up. We shared our happenings and I ordered Thosai as my dinner and now I am realizing that it is not enough to get me through the night. I am already hungryyyy!! Darno. 

    American Idol today was rather disappointing. By all means, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is an amazing composer. His songs are exceptional! No surprise as to some of the contestants failed to wow me. Brooke for instant, I thought she sung the song well. Not great, unfortunately. It just wasn't Brooke and it might have caused her to lose her spot in the top 5. Waaaa... :(
    However, Carly was amazing! Her take on Jesus Christ Superstar was fantastic!! Clap Clap!
    I hope Jason will be eliminated. He's cute and all, but I just don't see him as an idol. Fans of Brooke, have mercy and vote for her pleaaase! (like anybody who could vote would read this, but I'm just trying my luck here!)

    Woo! I am sooo very excited because I have these downloading as we speak.
    1. One Tree Hill S05E14
    2. Gossip Girl S01E14
    3. Brothers & Sisters S02E13
    It seems as if I have waited forever for GG and B&S! Finallyyy... yayyy! :)

    Ooookay, Me. Need. Fooooooood.

    Yes, I do!! I shall head to the kitchen right now. Taaa!

    11:48 PM