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    Friday, April 18, 2008
    AI Disease, Do you have it?

    I certainly do!

    I think I've just experienced the most nerve-wrecking Results Show ever!!

    A bit behind in knowing the results but I just didn't get the chance to catch it on telly today so I decided to download the whole episode (S07E32).

    First of all, I just have to say that this year's lineup is in-cre-di-ble. They are so diverse and each one of them have their own thing going on. I love all types of genres when it comes to music so it is really difficult for me to have a favorite contestant. 

    So here is some insight on what I think of them. *group shot here*
    Lets begin with the guys. I gotta say, David Archuleta is the cutest thing, isn't he? He is just ggrr. He has an outstanding voice. I am not sure if he deserves the title though but he does stand a chance. A big one in fact. 

    The other David however is simply delicious. David Cook, you are super duper scorching hot! He is remarkably, illegally talented! What he has done with all those songs he sung on the show could really be major hits. I personally would definitely grab his album even if it just a compilation of cover versions. He is soo good. Like Whoa!

    Michael Johns is one heck of a voice, but oh my God how in the world did he get eliminated?? Ugh. If I could, I would have voted for this Aussie. I would, yeap! I would.
    Regardless of what the British guy said, his rendition of Dream On was great and it really suited him. Michael, I miss you. I am looking forward to the release of your record! 

    Okay, this dude named Jason Castro is like a cool breeze on a hot, summers day. His calm voice has the power of making me feel oh-so-good. Plus, I think he is really pretty!! But I am sorry to say that he is not the next American Idol. At least, that is what I think.

    Right, the girls. 

    I looooove Brooke White. Really. Really really really. Her voice is one of a kind, she is beautiful, and she touches my heart at every performance. Need I say more?

    I also love love the Irish lass, Carly Smithson. She is so cute! And man, that lady can sing! Her only problem is that she sometimes tries a bit too hard and you can sense it in her voice. Big big bummer but hey, she'll learn and she will be amazing.

    Those above are actually my top 2 girls at the moment. I miss Amanda. Aaand Ramiele. And and ohmygod I forgot her name! The one with the husky voice. Uhmm.. Anybody? 
    Err yeah, that one. (oops)

    So Syesha can sing. She can belt out the most hardest song there is, she takes risks, she doesn't fail, she has a pretty face, she has a nice image but my only problem is, I don't see her. Yeah, I just can-not see her.

    Kristy Lee Cook is the one who got eliminated today (yesterday). No surprise there. Nothing much to say about her really.

    About the Results Show, I was extremely excited to watch because not only I wanted to know the results but Mariah Carey was performing. Mariah Carey!! She is astonishing. I have had the wonderful opportunity of seeing her sing live and I can honestly swear that she is incredibly mind-blowing. Furthermore, not only do I wish I had her voice, I wish I had her body too. She is looking gorgeous these days!! Yes please, one MC voice and MC body would do me good. Great. Perfect? I want, I want, I waant! *sulk*
    Okay finnneee... If I can't get those, I shall settle with a pair of her many many many many shoes. Ooh La La..

    For those who did not watch the show, the bottom 3 was Brooke, Syesha and Kristy Lee. When Ryan announced that Syesha was safe, my heart dropped! Literally! I was so afraid for Brooke. I did not want her to leave.. Not yet anyways. So then Ryan said '..the person staying with us, (pause)' I had my hands covering my eyes, I was peeking through my fingers, I was chanting 'Brooke.. Brooke.. Brooke.. Please be Brooke...' My heart started pounding, I had tears in my eyes, and right before I lost it, dear ol' Ryan said 'is Brooke'. I actually sat up and started clapping all by myself. I was so so so so happy! weeee..

    Yesss! I so love Brooke White and thank you to American Idol for the possible breakdown/heart attack. :p

    Aack! It is 4am! Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. 

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