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    Sunday, March 30, 2008

    Do I owe anybody an explanation?
    Well, to Blog I do. I haven't really had the time to write about anything these days! Mainly because I have been seeing Boyfriend a lot, and I don't have the intention to let people into our business so that doesn't leave much to blog about. The least I can say is that it's wonderful. Exceeds my every expectation. Enough said. ;)

    What I remember most about this month [besides Pumps Day(s)] is the day I volunteered at the ZOO!! Zoo Negara to be precise. It was actually an assignment for my Personal Development class. The assignment was for the whole class to participate in community service. Oh boy was that an experience! I have the urge to volunteer again!
    Keeping this short, we were divided into groups and were delegated to various parts of the zoo.
    My group were sent to the BIG CATS area. I was over-joyed, over-excited and over-emotional! I broke out into tears in the lions cage! Let me tell you why.. It was not because I was afraid, definitely not because the lion bit me, not because of the stench or heat, it was because Kani (the lion's name) was being caged up in such a tiny space and it was painful to see him moving a few inches side to side. Kani needs a bigger cage!! Poor kitty! Uggghh.
    After about 5 minutes I calmed down and was asked to sweep the leaves off the roof so off we climbed to the roof and started tidying up. yada yada yada. We went back into the cage and started taking photos of Kani. He is such a darling! Underneath all that fur and deep angry growl, I knew he is the sweetest thing ever! I got down, sat in front of his cage and lowered my face to face him and looked him straight in the eyes. I told him that I would release him back to where he came from and he just sat and watched me talk and it was as if he was really listening. His eyes were sad and that made me sad. :( So after my deep and meaningful conversation with Kani, we were told to go to the tigers' cage. Arrr.. When we reached there, Pak Cik (he is like the cat whisperer or something!) was mating Picin (male tiger) and Zana (female.. duhh). They were directed into one cage, much bigger than Kani's thank God and we watched them foreplay. Haha. So much for privacy eh? Did not however get to see the real action. Zana was a little shy perhaps. LOL. Okay, eew.
    Moving on, we were lead to Manja the Leopard. Oooh pretty pretty Manja! And how manja is she?? Seriously. The best part was we got to touch her! I touched a leopard! OMG! That print on her fur.. Grr. Have I mentioned I loooove leopard print? Go figure. ;)
    After our brief introduction with Manja, Pak Cik unlocked a cage and guess what was inside? The most adorable young Puma's!! Yeah, Puma like the brand. Hee.. Their names were Aqilah and Agong. I was surprised when Pak Cik told us to step in the cage! I was like, whuuuutttt? I don't want to die yet! So I did. I was about 2 feet away from them.. I thought they were going to roar or something but nooo.. they humbly pressed their backs into a corner of the cage. They were actually afraid of us!! Puma's are afraid of human beings!!! Cooool.. Aqilah attempted to roar but it was so faint that it sounded cute! Hee. And Agong just sat there with his head bent down and when we called him, he bent it more and started to shake. Effing cute okay!?
    I am seriously smitten over those 'Cats'. :) I even got to see Bagira from the Jungle Book! Whooa.

    That's pretty much about the Zoo. 

    Before that, my class also organized a Seminar on Unit Trusts and Insurance. It was a big assignment but we succeeded in making it happen without any help from the faculty. Friggin'kedekut.

    Aha! I attended my first Formula 1 race!!!! Thanks to Boyfriend and his brother, Ali. Not much to say actually other than 'zooooom... zoooooom.... zoooooommm' and 'whoooooaaa... whoooooaaa..' Haha. I did enjoy myself yuppp! =) Ferrari won! Yayyyy!! Me and Boyfriend even wore RED to show our support. Hee.

    So okay, now the sad part.

    Boyfriend has been on his Easter break since the early of March. He went to Hong Kong as previously mentioned and since he came back, we have been seeing each other every couple of days. :) But this week, it has been every single day. 5 days straight. And tomorrow (sunday) is his last day of his break. That means no more frequent dates. Sad. Sad.
    The next time I will be able to see him is on the 19th of April. Hopefully!! 
    The 19th also marks an important (VITAL, ESSENTIAL) part of both our lives. Hmm.. :)
    I cannot wait Pumps!!! *thumbs up & wiggles!*

    On my last strand of energy now, Taaa!

    2:56 AM