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    Thursday, November 22, 2007
    Sugar High!

    I am starting to believe it when I hear "some people just never grow up". It is kinda sad really.. It doesn't bug me but I guess it is pretty disappointing. I have taught myself not to have any expectations towards people but they somehow still able to let me down. *sigh*
    And the worst thing is, I can't just tell people to 'grow up' cuz that's just not how you grow. You grow from experience and what you take from your experiences. What you learn, how you convey it, and how you embrace it. Depressing how certain people lacks those basic abilities. I only have the power to wish them the best.

    Owhhhkayyy, so last week was my gym + healthy eating week right. This week? Eat eat eat eat like there is no tomorrow! My massive appetite is back! And so is my belly. Someone says its fluffy! hee hee.

    Adding to that, I have been actively baking cupcakes!! 3 days in a row! Today was the best batch I have ever made. Made my own buttercream frosting and all. Yum! If I say so myself. I am planning to make a little business out if my cupcakes. hehe oh yes I am a dreamer! But it is a dream that could come true, no? Practice is all I need!!! Yesss, I am determined! I have a vision now. Wow. I do! Something that could be achieved in the near future!! Omg I am getting a little over excited lol.
    Yeap! That's my first ever buttercream frosting attempt! The color is a bit off though.. Stupid Razr 1 megapixel lousy camera! Oh i so need a real camera. *wink*

    So I guess that's all I have been doing for the past few days.. And yeah, me and Izra's (now seem like regular lunch spot) Neway has been splendid to us! haha. We went there again on Tuesday. :) Tuesday was also the night of Nataliah's BBQ.
    I carpooled with Leez, Jiha and her boyfriend Ersyad. They were such darlings to let me come with them! Thanks again! OMG the fooooddd! The lamb! The chicken! Delicioussss... We ate a lot I tell you.. Like, really! We were so stuffed we just wanted to doze off on their sofa. Lucky we got our butts out and into the car and headed back home to our own beds. Bliss!

    I have also been attending meetings for our Kembara reunion BBQ! (another one yaeyyyy!) I cannot waittt!! And Coco will be back! Fun Fun Fun!

    My pillow misses me already! Good Nighttt!

    12:07 AM

    Sunday, November 18, 2007
    Haachews and Sniffs

    Another Saturday night, another night in for me. I am sick! Like that's new! Something is terribly wrong with my nose.. Call it the flu, sinus, whatever I just want it to stop. I need to stop because I am consuming too many poor trees! All those tissues I have used! I feel so guilty towards Earth. Sorrrrryyyyy!!! Unlike tears, I can't just wipe it off with my shirt eeuww. With that said, I do need my precious boxes of Kleenex. But still, I do feel guilty.

    I mentioned tears, here's a fun fact! I am a sucker for tearjerkers!! I just love crying over movies haha. I really do!! In fact, I have 9 movies downloading at the moment at 7 are considered as tearjerkers. Yes, I have read the reviews. And that is why I'm downloading them. More tissues needed but nooo.. I shall prepare a towel for my bawling sessions. Mother earth you should be proud!

    Alrightyy, what has occurred since (after a few minutes of confusion with days..) Wednesday..Right!

    Thursday was another Gym + Karaoke day. Fun-tastic! We went early and left for Neway in time for lunch. I tried the Crabstick Noodle Soup and Izra had the Honey-glazed Chicken with Rice if I'm not mistaken. Nevertheless, both were divine! Ok that was a little exaggeration. They were good to say the least. Would surely eat there again! Right Izra? Nod! Nod! ;)
    Had Mr.Tepanyaki at Cineleisure with the family that night. Twas just o-k. I love Japanese food but I would much prefer the restaurant at Shah Alam Mall, What is it called? Sakira or something.. and also Gengki or Sushi King. And definitely Hilton PJ's California Roll. To die for!!

    Woke up quite late on Friday.. I stayed over at my Grandparents for the night. Played The Sims 2 the whole entire day and hit the gym around 9pm. We got hungry after so we stopped by at Mamak Bistro for some post-exercise dinner. And that means Fried Kuey Teaw! Hahahah. All those calories burnt on the treadmill, is back and probably doubled now! Shucks. The food took forever to arrive and it was all because the mamak did not order for us! Dude, you are soo blacklisted. No wann to fren you! :p

    Slept with Grandma again that night.. Saturday came and before I took a shower I watched Steel Magnolias. The movie really touched me! I cried and cried and cried like a baby! Not forgetting that I also laughed my head off. A truly great movie! :)

    Mom picked me up around 2 and we made a pit stop at the Mall before heading back home. I ordered the Caesar Salad from The Little Italian Kitchen for lunch. Or tea? Cuz I already had some lunch back at Grandparents. haha. I guess half a plate of veggies, a piece of chicken and meatless prawns just wasn't enough! We then went to get KFC for Mom and Brother. Tried the new Cheesy Meltz, It was alright. I really don't like KFC right now. Especially their fried chicken! What happened?? They are so small and hard and just yuck. Colonel would not be so happy you know!

    Once we reached home, I started my unwelcome-d sneeze marathon! Nothing else I could do but sleep. And that is what I am going to do right about now.

    Snooze, not sneeze!

    2:36 AM

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007
    Home Alone!

    It is pouring outside and here I am alone on my bed singing along to Norah Jones. Isn't she amazing? Her voice is beautiful and she sings beautiful music. Beauuuuuuutiful! There's always one of her tunes I have to listen to every single day and today, the song is What Am I To You? I am IN LOVE with it. I would love you when you're blue, tell me darling true.. what am I to you? *sigh*

    Today's plan did not turn out like it was supposed to. Me and Izra are just NOT up for gym today. She has terrible stomach ache and my thighs are killing me! My muscles are swollen I can barely walk without feeling immense pain. :( Oh well, no pain no gain! But it has merely been 2 days!
    I am supposed to be there right now on the treadmill running for my goal.. Which is to be in shape. (24% body fat) Oh by thw wayyyyy, I am NOT obese. I repeat, not obese! hehe. My body fat is actually acceptable according to the charts. Phew!

    Gym has been fun and I really mean it! I've always been fascinated on how the body works. The body is a masterpiece of all the masterpieces in the entire universe! I mean, how could you not be in awe of the fact that to gain a pound, you just eat a big fat burger with fries and coke. Easy right? But to lose it, you have to run at 12mph for 195 minutes! Whooaa..
    I kinda miss the gym at matric. I used to go everyday! I would jog before class, then hit the gym after. I was surprisingly very disciplined! Haha good times, good times...

    Monday was our first day on the trial.. We went in the afternoon and only left around 6. Izra was craving for the panini at Vivo, The Curve so we met up with Teen there. I had the most peculiar sandwich ever! Grilled fish with wasabi mayo. Wasabi mayo!! Such thing exists?? It was a shocking surprise! Literally. The sting went straight up to my brain. Ooh it was a weird kinda good feeling. heh. Cleared my blocked nose though! lol. Teen had this mushroom pasta but it was totally bland according to the girls. I did not have a taste as I was already so full! And of course, Izra had the Turkey Strips with cheesy sauce Panini. We both paid an extra of 60 cents for the parmesan oregano bread. Oh well, it was good but Subway is waaaaaaaaaay better! Subway's sandwiches are THE BEST! *drooling at the thought of it*

    Snap! Stop thinking about food! I've just eaten lunch! haha. Who am I kidding? Food is on my mind 24/7. I love food. Geddit? In another tab, I'm on I loooove the site! Recipes for almost anything!! wee.. happy me.. Another site I love to surf is She is my favourite chef!! She's so adorable! And her recipes are as she would say, Yum-O!
    Looove her!! I just admire confident, bubbly, funny women. They somehow put a smile on my face. Rachael Ray is definitely in that category. As well as Christina Applegate, Jennifer Esposito, Lauren Graham and Ellen Degeneres to name a few. They crack me up!! People should watch Samantha Who! It is very very amusing!

    So, yesterday was pretty tiring for me. Injured my thigh and all.. heck. We finished working out around 3+ and stepped into the sauna to relax. And by that meaning sweating like a pig. Pigs sweat? That, I am not sure. Hmm.. Ok ok.. While we were in the sauna we both agreed on going to Neway in SS15 before heading home. Oh boy was it refreshing! Just the two of us (again!) in a room fit for 10 people pretending to be superstars lol. Fun fun.. Food ain't that bad either. Thinking of celebrating my birthday there. =) (ehem.. december 3rd.)

    Alrighty, it is thundering now.. Aack! I shall get back to the recipes. Not that I intend to try and cook them.. Not all anyway.. haha. Goodbye blog. I love you. ;)

    3:08 PM

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007
    Shortest Entry Ever!

    It is amazing how things can be so easy sometimes.

    1:42 AM

    Monday, November 12, 2007
    The Internet Brought Us Together

    I just want to say that thanks to technology, I have made some pretty darn good friends lately. Friends that I shall cherish and just because I don't get to see them physically often, they have helped me quite a lot. All those IM conversations are meaningful to me. One person in particular, he who shares a broad range of same interests as me whom I hope to be friends with until the end of time. He is just a great guy and really comfortable to talk to. Well actually I have another friend who I can share my thoughts with and he is just as great as the previous guy I wrote about. I am really glad we've found each other and hope this friendship doesn't have an ending. And thanks for reminding me that there are worthy guys out there. Not only friends I have gained, but also love. The world works in a magical way.. That's all I can say.

    For the record, I tend to have more things in common with guys than I do with girls. Guys are better to talk with sometimes. They seem to understand me better. It's not easy to find these types though cuz most guys are jerks. True, no? That goes without saying. On the other hand, most girls are fakes and wannabes. You're just looking for trouble la.. Why complicate your life? Be yourself, problem solved!

    Right, bed time.. Good niiiiiight~

    1:32 AM

    Sunday, November 11, 2007
    Nadia is Blank.

    So here's a thought! I'm gonna briefly write about a number (i don't know how many yet) of songs playing in my library.

    First song (the one just ended playing) is Sarah Mclachlan - I will remember you. Her voice is just beautiful don't you think? It is so pure. When she sings, you know she is telling the truth. *sigh* Takes my breath away!
    "It’s funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word
    We are screaming inside, but we can’t be heard" Can't you just feel the pain? Outstanding choice of words. I can never get tired of this song, it is probably one of the most played song and it warms my heart each time!

    Alrighty, next is Renee Olstead with A Love That Will Last. My definite theme song! Makes me smile and gives me hope. Her words expresses my soul. Her voice - Exceptional! One of the best voices of this century in my p.o.v. She sings this song beautifully, I fell in love the first time I heard it. The simplicity of the melody and lyrics melts my heart.
    "I'll never leave you, So don't even ask. I want a love that will last" Enough said.

    Aha! Ladies, sit tight and get ready to swoon! The sexiest song right now is none other than Robin Thicke's Lost Without You. No woman in the right mind is not fantasizing a man singing this to her (More precisely, Mr. Robin Thicke himself). Like, seriously! "Baby youre the perfect shape, Baby youre the perfect weight" There you go, what more can I say? Oh his wife is super lucky! Fyi, this song was written for her. *awwwwww*

    Okay, this next one is the MOST played song I have and it is Bubbly by Colbie Caillat. *smile*
    This song is just too sweet for words! The first time I heard it I was like OMG she is incredible!! Then I started to listen to her other songs and they are all amazing! I love love CC! Need her album! I do! I need it!
    Bubbly reminds me of waking up by the beach when the sun is about to come up. Actually all her songs remind me of the beach. She captured the essence of summer and cool breeze and spread them through her songs. Blissful! "It starts in my toes, make me crinkle my nose" hee hee so cute.

    "You know Miss Sunshine, she starts to paint a perfect picture of this river parade.." is a line from a song titled I Love The Rain The Most by Joe Purdy. Wonderful song.. Simple acoustic vibe that makes me feel humble. Joe Purdy has a lazy mumbling type of voice that makes me sit in silent and listen to every word he sings. He really grabs my attention. And i too love the rain when it stops.

    5 songs! And I guess that's all for now. lol. I was just trying to write about something that'll kill time. I am so boredddd. My first free saturday night and I'm at home! Like, whaaaaaaat?
    Shucks. I'm gonna sleep now.. Wait, no i'm not sleepy. What can I dooooooo? *grunt*
    *swallows saliva*
    *pops neck*
    That is it! I'm off. Night!

    12:02 AM

    Saturday, November 10, 2007

    I have spent the entire day beautifying my blog and tadaa! I love the new look!! Love love looove it... weeee.. *jumps for joy* Hey, I know it is pretty simple but it took an immense amount of time trying to align the borders and the picture *ehem ehem* and stuff. Anywhoo, I am proud of it! :)

    My eyes are twitching! Too long facing this Baby of mine.. Neck hurts and certain joints and muscles are in pain. I think it's best for me to leave my bed now. And stay off it longer than half an hour! Yes, I will certainly try to do just so..

    Oooohhh but Gossip Girl episode 7 has just finished downloading. Finally!! To watch, or not to watch? Uhmmm oh this is hard. I really want to know what happens to Serena! Although I prefer Blair cuz she's so pretty I might have a crush on her! lol. Whatever.. I want to watch!

    But no no noooo i am in pain!

    Shucks. Help.

    7:33 PM

    Another one bites the dust!

    *haaaacheww!* bless me!
    I have been sneezing since yesterday! Ughh.. My nose is falling off! I've said that a trillion times before actually, because I always sneeze! Cold water, sneeze. Dust, sneeze. Air-Cond, sneeze. I am sooo tired of sneezing! I hate it because it wears me down, makes me weak and ugly! Not only that oh noo..My whole face swell, my eyes get itchy and suddenly i'm the cousin of Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Ugh. *itch eyes* Gosh this is so irritatingggggg...

    I wanted to make this entry long and exciting but I'm gonna trash that plan and write a brief summary instead. Today, I woke up a Sick-o! I couldn't feel my nose, couldn't breathe and there were tissues all over my bed! So I got up, (Oh yeah I was hungry too..) washed my teeth and brushed my face before piling up all those nasty germ filled tissues and threw them into the bin. I made my way to the fridge to get me some food. Ooh there were one uneaten croissant left. *smile* So I took out a sausage, some lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise. Stuffed everything into the croissant and voila! A perfectly healthy sandwich! (minus the mayo haha)
    I then swallowed my flu pil and went back up to my bed. Watched Betty Boop (Took me way back to a time when I wasn't even born yet!), and fell asleep. Woke up again to do my laundry. Sleep. Laundry. Sleep. Laundry. What a hassle. Isn't there a robot which could just do the laundry for me? Just when I'm sick of course. Yeah, right!!

    At about 4pm, Izra picked me up as I was feeling better after eating egg tarts and 2 actifast pills. I wanted to see my friends cuz I knew that laughter is the BEST medicine! And how true can that be? I felt tremendously better when I got back. The girls make me laugh so hard sometimes! Ok, most of the time! lol. All the time?

    So, Ayah picked me and Ray (Aidi has SPM next week so he stayed home) up at 8 or so for a movie night! yaeyy! We reached the curve at 9 and I lead the way straight to Big Apple. He. He. We bought 2 boxes yum yum. :) One's in the fridge! No you are not invited over to my place. At least not tomorrow. :p
    Movie was starting at 12 midnight so we had dinner first at Tony Roma's, Cineleisure. We ordered kick'n shrimps, an onion-cheese-sandwich (?), salad and of course, ribs! I wasn't particularly hungry so I did not finish my shrimps. They were delicious though. Took a bite of the ribs, they were yummy but nothing to shout about really. The sandwich however, was quite interesting. It was like 4 inches thick! Sirloin, onion rings, tomatoes, cheese and pickles all sardined between 2 1-inch thick of toasted, buttered bread. Served with chips! Delish!

    We were SO stuffed we could hardly move! Lucky we had about 2 hours left before the movie start so we just lingered around cineleisure and finally settled at the fountain in between cineleisure and the curve. I just sat there and observed the movements and happenings around me. While people watching, I thought about what I would blog about tonight. I had some interesting ideas but cannot seem to recall at this moment. Pah! I'll continue on this tomorrow. (if i remember!)

    20 minutes to showtime, we headed towards the cinema. They were loads of people yadayada, bought popcorn bla bla the usual. I am getting reeeeaallly sleepy! So okay, we watched the movie "Stardust". I looooved it!!! I did not fall asleep! Yaeyy! I was so into the movie! It was hilarious! Cracked me up terribly! Funny funny and oh-so-sweet!!! A fairytale with a happy ending. It was mostly romantic. Aww. Almost made me cry when the Star was talking about how her heart doesn't seem like it belonged to her and instead, she felt like her heart belonged to her one true love. !!tear jerker alert!! Two words, MUST WATCH!

    Hah. My work is done, Dreamland is waiting and my prince charming also perhaps? Shall sleep and see!

    Sweet dreams!

    3:41 AM

    Thursday, November 8, 2007
    If we took a holiday, Took some time to celebrate.. "Madonna"

    I have 3 things to be happy about..
    1. I am on holiday. Obviously.
    2. I made mac & cheese.
    3. I cleaned up my room!! annnd, shifted the main feature of my room which is the bed. my oh-so-comfy gigantic bed! i take like 1/4 of it when i sleep. the other 3 quarters? permanent home for my monsieur bebe, pinko and my pink heart shaped fluffy radio (courtesy of Kak Mie). Now my bed is facing the window, remind me NOT to leave the curtain open! The whole block of the opposite condo can see me. At least i think they can..hmm.
    The room seem a lot more serene now.. peaceful.. clean.. pretty..(once i get those boxes to the recycling center that is!) I love my warm yellow lighting.. Very calming. And very inviting.. an invitation to Dreamland! Getting sleepy already and it is only 8.07pm.

    So, holiday holiday holidayyyy.... sounds extremely exciting no? but nay, i don't feel like i'm on hols yet. I still don't feel it. I think thats a cue for someone to take me out. Anyone? Bummer..
    However there is something I am looking forward to, and that is Futsal!!! Our regular ass oops i mean ball-kicking gathering is back on! yippee to that! :) I have not played for soo long and i have gained like 20 thousand pounds so lets see if I still got it. Got what exactly I'm not so sure..

    Speaking about pounds and such, I followed Izra to her True Fitness appointment and i found out I am Obese! Me = Obese! Like OH GOD I need helpppppp!! Obese, body fat wise. I gotta reduce my body fat by 4%. And that is just to be normal! I am convinced it is my baby fat. aha! that must be it! Or perhaps I'm in denial.. I know I am chubby but obese? Aack!

    Ok ok so what have I done to reduce my body fat? uhmm.. I made mac & cheese so of course I ate that. Very fatty stuff!!!
    I have also been consuming a lot of ice cream! Oh shucks.
    And and roti bakar and today Ray made garlic fried rice.. Whoaa I better stop! Seriously.
    Luckily next week I'll be going to the gym. I am setting a goal. By my 20th birthday, I shall be looking fabulous! haha. And that means being healthy. I don't really want to be thin. Thin doesn't work for me. Just want to be healthy. :)

    My plans for this 2-month break includes wall climbing, futsal, baking, crazy-ing with the girls, oh i cannot wait for our Kembara Trip! and and Live&Loud KL!! I so wanna gooooooooooooo!!!!
    Any sponsors?? (It doesn't hurt to have hope)

    Alrighty then, I guess that's it for now.

    7:53 PM

    Saturday, November 3, 2007
    The Secret is Out.

    I have ISSUES.
    I have just realized something about myself. Well, I'm finally confronting it that is. I, Nadia am terrible when i'm under pressure. I really really REALLY am! Certain friends should know by experience. You guys know who you are. And that is pretty much what's keeping me awake right now. It is 20 to 2am, and I gotta be up by 10. No 8-hour beauty sleep tonight! :(

    Whether I am being asked a question, or see a Cop, or even running late, my palms get sweaty, my mouth turns dry and my speech ability - poof! gone. I come up with the most ridiculous and unthinkable things! My mouth just works on its own and I lost all sense of myself. It is like having a voice that belongs to somebody else. Trust me, it is not a good feeling. I guess that is the reason why I don't talk a lot. I sometimes don't say what I really want to say. It seems uncontrollable.. But it is not, is it? We are supposed to think before we speak. I know and I do do that, but noooo.. what comes out from these pair of lips can be totally different. And then that leads to misunderstanding. Ahh, I see the circle. Can't bring myself to type it out though. Shall keep it to myself.

    Basically, every explanation goes back to the ancient Law of Attraction. Another topic I am leaving the experts to discuss. Bottom line, I highly advise everybody (every single human being on earth or anywhere in the universe) to watch 'The Secret'. I understand a whole lot more on how life works. I see it clearly now. Crystal clear! Life is simple if you want it to be. You complicate your own life. I truly believe in that now. Rhonda Byrne, thanks for your effort in helping people on what needs to be helped the most. Thank you, Thank you!! *standing ovation*

    I have been trying to practice 'the secret' and it has done me good so far. :)
    Go watch it people! but it is up to you to believe or not. The thing is, it has been in front of us all along! How blur can we be??? Ok I better stop before this entry becomes a 2-page essay.
    All i'm saying is that it is perfectly understandable and logical. OH.KAY. Going now..
    It works!! It really does and whether you believe in it or not, it is still working and doing its job. Right, I am totally ending this entry NOW.

    Feel Good!!

    1:32 AM