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That girl in the picture is Nadia and this is where she writes about things you don’t really want to know.


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    Sunday, September 23, 2007

    I was sitting on the couch in the living room and he was sitting on the rocking chair beside it. I was sleepy so I grabbed a pillow and placed it on the arm rest right next to the rocking chair. I then lowered my head against the pillow and shut my eyes. Unexpectedly, i felt rough fingers on my right ear. Those fingers softly played with the few strands of my hair above the ear.. Within seconds those fingers parted.
    They had me smiling from ear to ear.
    I opened my eyes and the clock showed 8.36pm.
    It was the 22nd of September 2007.
    A moment I will never forget.
    A beautiful moment with my Datuk.

    10:35 PM

    Wednesday, September 19, 2007
    Perlumbaan Fireworks!

    No maw, this phrase is still considered new! haha.

    Ok ok this sooooo overdue! But I hope i can remember everything and write about it anyways. As most of you should know, there was a fireworks competition in Putrajaya in August. Me, maw, paw, mom, aidi, ray, andi, unc.choo, aunt.emma, ali, chacha and aya (thats a mouthful!) were feeling super excited to go one night, which was australia's turn to burn their governments money (in a good way i suppose?). I was the designated driver for the night so I drove from Shah Alam to unc.choo's place in Cyberjaya with mom in the passenger seat and 5 people sitting in the back. Yes, including the boot. This is where the station wagon comes in handy!

    We safely (THANK GOD!) arrived at unc.choo's crib around 9.. he greeted us and then gave us a tour of his new very modern house. I likkee! His lot is situated right across the gym, which was above the swimming pool. Sooo cool.. After the ritual family giggles, we headed off to the Putrajaya International Convention Center. Man, the traffic was well, as they say on the radio "bumper to bumper crawl". However we managed to get there just in time for the first burst of fire. It was a 3 lane road and people were triple parking so there was absolutely no way any car can move at that point so we just stopped our cars and got out and started to say our "oohs" and "aaahs" during the show. It was truly magnificent!

    The boys ran up the humble hill to get a better view and the 2 little girls sat on the roof of my car. We watched in awe until the end. Everybody was happy and satisfied when we went back into our cars to go get some food. Oh yeah we were really hungry!

    Just as I was turning the key, this fat guy who had his car parked next to mine tried to open his door. I mean, come on! there was like a 5-inch space between his car and mine. Try patience? I didnt think he was that dumb to actually try to squeeze in between our cars so I let go of the breaks but snap, he did. So he kinda skidded a bit so I stopped and mom winded down her window. We apologized numerous times. I know it was my fault and I honestly was sorry. Buuuut just when mom was winding her window back up, his even fatter wife came around and said "bangang. tak reti bawak kereta lain kali tak payah bawak!". How dare she said that to my mother!? And mom being the sensible person that she is just said "eh, tak baik cakap macam tuh". Thanks mom. If she wasnt there I wouldve probably screamed back at her. No no that is not the right thing to do. Never ever stoop to the other persons level. Is is soo not worth it! That woman just showed the attitude of a typical malay. Which is sad, really. If you have something to say then say it to my face lah. Why did you have to say it to my mom while you were walking away? Chicken. Nevertheless, it was my fault. I take full blame. Even though the bigger person is definitely not you.

    So after the 'I-almost-killed-someone' incident, the traffic jam was even worse! I think we were stuck for an hour and a half! The agony! With our empty stomachs we patiently waited..and waited..and waited until the road gradually cleared. Unc.choo lead us to D'Arif in Cyberjaya for late dinner. It was almost midnight! Thank goodness the food was tremendously good. Stomachs were happy indeed!

    We then parted and headed home. Home sweet home!! What a nigghhtt!

    p/s: Australia won the competition! :))

    10:47 PM

    Thursday, September 13, 2007
    much too much !

    I am guilty for neglecting my blog!! someone punish meee!

    so.. i have nooo idea where to start! tonnes and tonnes of events passed.. please allow me to think things through and i shall get right back on this. hehe. snap. now this entry is pretty pointless no? but but it is a start anyhow! will be back shortly.. watch this space.

    11:11 PM