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    Saturday, October 27, 2007

    "when it feels like it's love, all the stars they lift you up, well i'll place you high above on top of the world..i'm just glad that I found you.." Found You by Ross Copperman.
    Now that I know a certain someone knows about my blog, (you know who you are!) I want to say thank you. Thank you for being you. :)

    So much for studying today, i did one minor thing. that was it. somebody pinch me please!!!! my exam is on tuesday! wake up and smell the uhm exam air! *sniffs* nah, nothing. oh helppp..

    Can you believe this!? 2nd entry of the day! 2 entries in one dayyy?? *pats myself on the back*
    oh wait, thats 2 very short entries. pfft. who caresss !?

    i'm outtt!

    10:08 PM


    2 down, 3 to go! now this is the hard part.. calculations! i have both of my finance papers this week. management on tuesday, and real estate on thursday. both i am definitely worried about. but i am convinced i am not going to fail. no, not again. according to the law of attraction, i must focus on what i want. in the short run, it is to pass my exam. so that is what i am focusing on. i am practicing the 3 steps, ask-believe-receive.
    1. I ask to pass my exams.
    2. I believe I will pass my exams.
    3. I will receive what I deserve.

    Now, i shall act upon it. what i need to do is leave my room and hit the books! Later!

    "Nothing new can come into your life unless you are grateful for what you have" Dr. Michael Beckwith

    12:03 PM

    Sunday, October 14, 2007
    Enough is Enough.

    I have juuust watched this video clip of Britney Spears caught by some paparazzi. It makes me so mad and terribly upset! It was a clip of her in her car with a music producer at 2am. They were just talking for goodness sake. Why are people SO nosy? Yes she's a celebrity but most of all she is an artist. I want to see the immensely talented young woman that she is. But she cant be that person when she is being beat down by the whole world. Come on, leave her alone already.. I've had it with all the stories about her. All those nasty rumors!! Ugh. Just shut your inconsiderate horrid mouth up. *sigh* Even after everything that happened to her, I am still a fan and i sympathize her so much that if I see her in front of me I would actually cry. Fame destroyed her! Such a shame.. Fame reeeally destroyed her! The whole world is watching and judging her and I dont blame her for not knowing how to handle it the way you expect her to. I dont know myself and you dont either! She is an unfortunate victim but a great example of what fame can cause.

    Plus, we have TONNES of things to worry about! Like oh, how bout the world is breaking apart because of US? Get your priorities straight. Yes its fun and entertaining to hear about celebs. Believe me, I was once a Hollywood junkie. BUT I was 15! I am now near 20 and realized I have responsibilities and concerns that are far more important than people whom i see on TV. I admit, I still do love reading the entertainment section in the newspaper but for me, that is just it... Entertainment.


    1:46 AM

    Friday, October 5, 2007

    as i wrote previously, i am terrible at this blog thing! i am inconsistent. that's me! an inconsistent klutz. oh gosh i am such a klutz!! i aaaaaaaalways trip and drop things. clumsy! i lose focus too easily its sad! i pity myself sometimes, i laugh at all the silly things i do. well its a good thing to laugh at yourself right?

    anywhooo.. this week has been pretty much normal.. had tests on monday and tuesday. monday was my mandarin oral exam. THAT was funny! i have never thought an exam could be so entertaining! thanks to my dear friend, omar. sorry dude but you cracked us all up and simultaneously made me feel relaxed and my nerves were in control. yep! thanks to you! :)

    tuesday however was one of those same-old-boring-tests. we had to distant the tables and place our books and bags on the floor. my bag! (ugh) annndd i couldnt even answer the first question! pah. next!! the other 3 was just okay. dont think i did a good job on that test. well its over and done with. yaey! (NOTTTT) end of tests means.. finals are here!!!! in 2 weeks time and have i studied?? nooo... can i even remember what i have memorized before? noooo... i am in so much trouble! the worst thing is, i have one final back up test tomorrow and i dont even feel like studying! why am i such a terrible person??? i should be buried in my books right now but noooo.. im here on my laptop typing words that nobody is going to read. hmm..

    so wednesday was my no-class day! the best day of the entire week! i got up around noon, got dressed and drove to subang parade. i was on a mission! and my mission was to find tony bennet's duets album. (as if there are no music shops in shah alam lah kan) i reached s.parade and parked in front of TGIF (oh goddd yummyy!! i wasnt fasting btw but i wasnt like gonna go have steak by myself so i held in the temptation and walked inside..)
    i headed to the rock corner making no stops on the way. my mission was important! browsed through the male section and surprisingly there werent any tony bennet!! i made a face and the friendly staff asked me if i was looking for something and i told him i was looking for tony bennet. he was a darling and showed me where the bennets are. they were in the classical/old section. i shouldve thought!! but to my dissapointment, they didnt have the duets album. boohoo! i just browsed through and made my way to a small section at the counter entitled 'the essential series for rm29.90' as i was reading the sign, the same staff told me there is a bennet there too and my eyes lit up when i held up the essential of tony bennet. i am so not letting this go now! plus, its a 2-disc album! this was definitely a steal!! woot woot i nearly jumped for joy. continued browsing more albums and found the best of frank sinatra. is today my lucky day or what!? so i had those 2 in my hands when i carried on browsing. the staff (same one) walked passed behind me but he came to a halt and suddenly he was next to me his hand moving my bennet to see what the other cd was. and he made this "impressive" look. haha. then he asked me, how old are you? you like listening to old songs? hehehe i am 20 and indeed i doo!
    okay, mission accomplished. well, not entirely cuz the album i wanted was the duets album. ahh.. next time then!
    after my 2 purchases (i was content), i realized i was hungry so i made my way to delifrance..made a couple of pit stops at the stalls and sports shop. arrived at delifrance and immediately saw mini fruit tarts. MY FAVS!! i have been craving for them for 2 weeks already! yes i believed it was my lucky day! i then took the tray and neatly placed 7 of the tarts. (strawberry, kiwi & peach) yum yummm! went to the counter and ordered a seafood d'lite. once they were packed, i paid and headed back to the car. the moment i shut the door (and locked), i opened the package and took a strawberry tart to end the crave. oh yes.. deeeelicious!
    i drove home at a very slow pace.. at the tempo of mr.bennet. it was a wonderful drive! :)
    i reached home and gobbled up my sandwich in my room. didnt want to tempt those who were fasting. huhu. the rest of the day consisted of more sleep and hours in front of this monitor.

    i had buka at my grandparents as usual.. this night uncle mus and antonio joined us. uncle mus is now in australia with his family so that was our early raya dinner cuz he wont be here for raya. apparently nobody is. only my family and 2 of my moms brothers will. 3 out of 7!! where are the rest? 1 in belgium, 1 in syria, 1 in aussie (as mentioned before), 1 in malacca. buuuut there will be a lot of people here raya-ing with us and in total there will be about 10 kids (including me! hehe) i can imagine how noisy we're gonna be! i am so excited! pah. scratch that "nobody is going to be here" nonsense.

    *reading through this entry*
    i dont feel like myself at the moment. hmph.

    moving on.. i woke up late on thursday. firdaus (my classmate) called me and he went where are you!!? and i was like, at home.. yawnn and he went guess what? theres no class today! and i laughed and said gila best! missed a class that doesnt even exist! lucky mee! so then i texted my friend to ask if we have class at 2 and her answer was NO. luckier mee! continued sleeping, decided to skip HRM and go watch a movie instead. texted omar (my jalan-jalan companion) if he wants to do the same. he agreed of course!

    at about 2pm datuk called me. he asked me to go over his place as he needs some assistance. computer problems again i presumed. i made a stop at a phone shop on the way to get credit for my phone. got back into the car, drove towards the grandparents. the moment i passed the guard house, i sensed something different about the car. i heard something like boiling water.. and thennnnnn... smoke was coming out of the bonnet!! oh godd! my eyes instantly fixed on the water temperature lever and it was almost at the red line! okay, turn off the air-cond. lucky i had a few meters to go to get to my parking space. parked and turned off the engine and got out of the car within seconds. i was afraid the car was going to blow up! a lil dramatic i know but this is the first time im having car problems so please excuse me.. what a girl to do? call daddy!! hehe and daddy called raymond the mechanic and all is fine. raymond came and said uh-oh this is baddd.. uh-oh.. uh-oh your car has to stay in the workshop tonight.. uh-oh.. yea yea be funny raymond! so yeah.. he towed the car. no longer my problem! haha. told omar about the car so had to cancel our movie plan. bumzo!

    night came.. buka.. watched the news. routine at the grandparents! while we were watching, omar called and said he wasnt doing anything and he had a car. weeee! movie movie! we have been waiting to watch i now pronounce you chuck and larry so finally we got to see it. we laughed through the whole 2 hours! it was undoubtedly hilarioussss!!! we both walked out of the cinema with aching stomachs. man it was funnyyy! stupid obviously, but really funny! cracked me up terribly! hahahhahhaha ok ok.. i must stop laughing at the thought of chuck and larry!

    after the movie we grabbed something to eat, i tapau-ed sahur for my family and omar sent me home. definitely a fun night.

    due to me sleeping late, no way i was gonna wake up in time for my 8.30 class! skipped that.. slept till 2pm! fyi, we dont learn anything in class these days cuz its the end of the semester so skipping is acceptable. riiiiigghhht!!

    that brings to today, friday. nothing interesting happened today.. plus im kinda tired of typing! huhuhu... *yawn.

    over and out!!

    11:55 PM