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    Saturday, April 19, 2008
    A year at a glance.

    ---------------- Original Message -----------------

    From: zaim

    Date: Apr 19, 2007 11:14 AM


    That was the first I heard of a Zaim. Noticed the date? Exactly ONE year ago.

    I am not going to tell you a story of a boy meets girl and fell in love yada yada and lived happily ever after. This is no ordinary fairytale. It is extraordinary in every way. :)

    It all began there, from that message. I usually ignore pick-up lines but somehow I had a voice telling me that this one is different. This one had meaning. So I did. I replied on the next day.. I mean, if I replied straight away then it would seem as though I was desperate right? Haha. But I did reply.

    ----------------- Original Message -----------------

    From: D*YA +unappreciated+

    Date: Apr 20, 2007 7:20 AM

    The ice-breaking session commenced. Within a few days the IM's began, IM's lead to SMSes, SMSes continued to phone calls. Keeping this short, at a certain point during those times he had me. He really had me. There was just something in him that kept me attached.

    Months passed before we finally laid our eyes on each other. Our first meeting was pretty much wonderful. It was wonderful. I was nervous as hell before I met him, overjoyed after. So you think our love began to bloom from here. Well I am afraid to say that you are wrong.

    I honestly cannot say that we started off great, rocky roads as a matter of fact. Better soon than later right? Those 'incidents' occurred simply for the purpose of making us stronger. I definitely believe in that. Just take a look at us now. 

    We really synced after a couple of months after we met. And been connecting since then. Our connection is indescribable. There is a lot I have learnt from him and I hope I have taught him a thing or two as well. Hee. Thank you. I never thought something like this exists. He planted this new-found faith in me. Thanks again.

    These past several months have been great. great. GREAT. The times we shared is filled with laughter and joy. Happiness has a whole new meaning to me. You. Make. Me. Happy. Happy beyond words.

    Today was perfect. That is all I could say. We both know that we have a lot to learn, a life to live, our own personal goals and vision to achieve before we become one. Believe it or not, we sync in those areas too.

    Next year however will be tough, we are aware of that. Different countries awaits, but we will make it work. We know we will. We have faith. God please be with us.

    There is so much more to tell about us, sweet-romantic-crazy-love tales but those are for us and us only. For now. The bottom-line is, a love like this only comes once in a lifetime. And that is IF you are one of the lucky ones. I truly believe I am one. So so so darn lucky. I know I am blessed.

    I am looking forward to all that life has to offer me, him and especially to the both of us. I guess we all have to stay tune then.. Watch this space.

    11:18 PM