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    Wednesday, April 23, 2008
    Al Dente.

    Another paper tomorrow! 
    Have I studied? Yes. 
    Am I prepared? Yes. 
    Am I nervous? No.
    I am actually very calm. Wow! I know tomorrow's exam is a potential distinction paper. Confident of me to say that! Maybe after all these Personal Development stuff I've been reading. 
    I just gotta say that I neeeeeed the grade!! I so so soooo do! I hope what I've done is enough. Good luck to me!

    Guess what? Made my own lunch again today. Woohoo!
    And pasta again. On a serious note, I could eat pasta every single day of my life! I have always preferred pasta than rice. Just shows how much I love Italian food. :) Love love love.
    Today's pasta was different though. I used Angel Hair this time and made Pasta Con Tonno. That's tuna in english. I rummaged through the freezer but couldn't find any chicken or beef. Opened a cabinet and tada! Spicy tuna! Thought it would work with the Angel Hair and yeappp, it did!!



    My darling Izra picked me up tonight and took me to D.E for some catching up. We shared our happenings and I ordered Thosai as my dinner and now I am realizing that it is not enough to get me through the night. I am already hungryyyy!! Darno. 

    American Idol today was rather disappointing. By all means, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is an amazing composer. His songs are exceptional! No surprise as to some of the contestants failed to wow me. Brooke for instant, I thought she sung the song well. Not great, unfortunately. It just wasn't Brooke and it might have caused her to lose her spot in the top 5. Waaaa... :(
    However, Carly was amazing! Her take on Jesus Christ Superstar was fantastic!! Clap Clap!
    I hope Jason will be eliminated. He's cute and all, but I just don't see him as an idol. Fans of Brooke, have mercy and vote for her pleaaase! (like anybody who could vote would read this, but I'm just trying my luck here!)

    Woo! I am sooo very excited because I have these downloading as we speak.
    1. One Tree Hill S05E14
    2. Gossip Girl S01E14
    3. Brothers & Sisters S02E13
    It seems as if I have waited forever for GG and B&S! Finallyyy... yayyy! :)

    Ooookay, Me. Need. Fooooooood.

    Yes, I do!! I shall head to the kitchen right now. Taaa!

    11:48 PM

    Happy Earth Day!

    In conjunction of Earth day (22nd of April), I wore green the whole entire day (and night!) Yeap, wearing green shorts at the moment. Aidi wore a green shirt, and Boyfriend wore green socks! :) Some cynical people would question the reason of wearing a specific color on Earth Day as it does not contribute anything whatsoever in the attempt of saving the world. Well in my opinion, the reason of this minor act is basically to remind ourselves about the earth. More of an awareness-act to acknowledge that we need more green in this world. That is just it. Similar to the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, the ONE wrist band for anti-poverty, HBO, MTV, yahoo and google's green-themed logo's, etc. The main purpose of those is to create awareness and hopefully will encourage positive actions.
    For more information on how you could save the world, visit this website. Respect!

    Moving on, today I woke up later than I initially wanted to. Way later! Poor Boyfriend had to call me 10 thousand times! He kept trying to wake me up since 9am. I was finally awaken around noon. I knew I had to study, but hey I was hungry. And I needed to do my laundry. 2 loads, naturally. So I carried my laundry basket with my notes, pencil and my phone stacked on top downstairs. Halfway down, my phone slipped and crashed onto the cold hard marble. Darno. Phone is injured, again. Anyway, I know I am the most lazy person in the whole entire world. I hate to go up and down the stairs so that is why I would grab everything I need at once to prevent me to do things twice. The consequences however, crash and burn.

    Perhaps I'm not as lazy as I thought. I made my own lunch today! *pats myself on the back* Was hungry for some home-made food. Checked our inventory, took things out from here and there, decided to make
    Aglio Olio. Or at least that's what it is supposed to be called. Haha. Turned out fine, I liked it. Just how I always make it. Plus minus the availability of certain ingredients that is. All in all, it tasted good to my mouth and stomach and that is all that matters! :)

    Nadia's Broc-shroom Conchiglie

    My day continued with some reading and a headache attacked me in the evening. Retired to my bed, but Oh boy, was that a mistake! I had the most horrifying possible dream! A total nightmare! Drastic! I woke up crying. Literally. Not going into details here as I do not want to remind myself about it. Hard to let it go though because in that dream (nightmare!), I lost someone I truly loved. Sobs. What started out as a minor dizziness ended as a major headache!!
    Nenek's voice is heard here "Siapa suruh tidur time Maghrib?"

    The night consisted of visiting the
    Gramps and buying dinner. Ate my dinner, which was a massive portion of rice! That is a recipe for disaster I tell ya. One thing about me, I cannot eat rice without feeling sleepy afterwards. Rice = Snooze. Friends are aware of that. Someone even offered to tie a pillow on his arm every time we eat rice so I could have a soft landing. lol.

    After dinner, I locked myself in my room. Started reading, some interruptions now and then but that is normal eh? Hee. Felt the rice effect, instantly went down to make myself a cup of coffee. Gulped it down and continued my reading. Read read read until I got bored so I began writing this entry. 

    And now I am ending it. It is time to get back to Personal Development! Something I truly need, don't I? Haha.

    Last words,

    2:00 AM

    Monday, April 21, 2008

    10 more minutes to 12am! 21st of April 2008.

    Definition : EXAMS. (wish me buckets of luck!)

    Oh yess, final exams are here. It is here!! How time just accelerated throughout this semester. I feel as though I just started my 2nd year last week!! Oh noo.. This is the END of my 2nd year and in July, I would be moving on to my 3rd and FINAL YEAR. Is that right? Really? OMG.

    I am really truly honestly most definitely looking forward to finish this whole thing that most people call a Bachelors Degree. Yep. I cannot wait! Why you ask? Because I have my whole life planned out before me. I can see it, I can feel it, I believe in it!

    I do have certain things up my sleeve. :) :) :)
    I know what I am going to do after this UiTM-life. I am going to reach the peak, I am going to make my dreams come true!! I really am! Trust me on that.
    This is my motivation. ;) 

    *fingers AND toes crossed*

    12:08 AM

    Saturday, April 19, 2008
    A year at a glance.

    ---------------- Original Message -----------------

    From: zaim

    Date: Apr 19, 2007 11:14 AM


    That was the first I heard of a Zaim. Noticed the date? Exactly ONE year ago.

    I am not going to tell you a story of a boy meets girl and fell in love yada yada and lived happily ever after. This is no ordinary fairytale. It is extraordinary in every way. :)

    It all began there, from that message. I usually ignore pick-up lines but somehow I had a voice telling me that this one is different. This one had meaning. So I did. I replied on the next day.. I mean, if I replied straight away then it would seem as though I was desperate right? Haha. But I did reply.

    ----------------- Original Message -----------------

    From: D*YA +unappreciated+

    Date: Apr 20, 2007 7:20 AM

    The ice-breaking session commenced. Within a few days the IM's began, IM's lead to SMSes, SMSes continued to phone calls. Keeping this short, at a certain point during those times he had me. He really had me. There was just something in him that kept me attached.

    Months passed before we finally laid our eyes on each other. Our first meeting was pretty much wonderful. It was wonderful. I was nervous as hell before I met him, overjoyed after. So you think our love began to bloom from here. Well I am afraid to say that you are wrong.

    I honestly cannot say that we started off great, rocky roads as a matter of fact. Better soon than later right? Those 'incidents' occurred simply for the purpose of making us stronger. I definitely believe in that. Just take a look at us now. 

    We really synced after a couple of months after we met. And been connecting since then. Our connection is indescribable. There is a lot I have learnt from him and I hope I have taught him a thing or two as well. Hee. Thank you. I never thought something like this exists. He planted this new-found faith in me. Thanks again.

    These past several months have been great. great. GREAT. The times we shared is filled with laughter and joy. Happiness has a whole new meaning to me. You. Make. Me. Happy. Happy beyond words.

    Today was perfect. That is all I could say. We both know that we have a lot to learn, a life to live, our own personal goals and vision to achieve before we become one. Believe it or not, we sync in those areas too.

    Next year however will be tough, we are aware of that. Different countries awaits, but we will make it work. We know we will. We have faith. God please be with us.

    There is so much more to tell about us, sweet-romantic-crazy-love tales but those are for us and us only. For now. The bottom-line is, a love like this only comes once in a lifetime. And that is IF you are one of the lucky ones. I truly believe I am one. So so so darn lucky. I know I am blessed.

    I am looking forward to all that life has to offer me, him and especially to the both of us. I guess we all have to stay tune then.. Watch this space.

    11:18 PM

    Friday, April 18, 2008
    AI Disease, Do you have it?

    I certainly do!

    I think I've just experienced the most nerve-wrecking Results Show ever!!

    A bit behind in knowing the results but I just didn't get the chance to catch it on telly today so I decided to download the whole episode (S07E32).

    First of all, I just have to say that this year's lineup is in-cre-di-ble. They are so diverse and each one of them have their own thing going on. I love all types of genres when it comes to music so it is really difficult for me to have a favorite contestant. 

    So here is some insight on what I think of them. *group shot here*
    Lets begin with the guys. I gotta say, David Archuleta is the cutest thing, isn't he? He is just ggrr. He has an outstanding voice. I am not sure if he deserves the title though but he does stand a chance. A big one in fact. 

    The other David however is simply delicious. David Cook, you are super duper scorching hot! He is remarkably, illegally talented! What he has done with all those songs he sung on the show could really be major hits. I personally would definitely grab his album even if it just a compilation of cover versions. He is soo good. Like Whoa!

    Michael Johns is one heck of a voice, but oh my God how in the world did he get eliminated?? Ugh. If I could, I would have voted for this Aussie. I would, yeap! I would.
    Regardless of what the British guy said, his rendition of Dream On was great and it really suited him. Michael, I miss you. I am looking forward to the release of your record! 

    Okay, this dude named Jason Castro is like a cool breeze on a hot, summers day. His calm voice has the power of making me feel oh-so-good. Plus, I think he is really pretty!! But I am sorry to say that he is not the next American Idol. At least, that is what I think.

    Right, the girls. 

    I looooove Brooke White. Really. Really really really. Her voice is one of a kind, she is beautiful, and she touches my heart at every performance. Need I say more?

    I also love love the Irish lass, Carly Smithson. She is so cute! And man, that lady can sing! Her only problem is that she sometimes tries a bit too hard and you can sense it in her voice. Big big bummer but hey, she'll learn and she will be amazing.

    Those above are actually my top 2 girls at the moment. I miss Amanda. Aaand Ramiele. And and ohmygod I forgot her name! The one with the husky voice. Uhmm.. Anybody? 
    Err yeah, that one. (oops)

    So Syesha can sing. She can belt out the most hardest song there is, she takes risks, she doesn't fail, she has a pretty face, she has a nice image but my only problem is, I don't see her. Yeah, I just can-not see her.

    Kristy Lee Cook is the one who got eliminated today (yesterday). No surprise there. Nothing much to say about her really.

    About the Results Show, I was extremely excited to watch because not only I wanted to know the results but Mariah Carey was performing. Mariah Carey!! She is astonishing. I have had the wonderful opportunity of seeing her sing live and I can honestly swear that she is incredibly mind-blowing. Furthermore, not only do I wish I had her voice, I wish I had her body too. She is looking gorgeous these days!! Yes please, one MC voice and MC body would do me good. Great. Perfect? I want, I want, I waant! *sulk*
    Okay finnneee... If I can't get those, I shall settle with a pair of her many many many many shoes. Ooh La La..

    For those who did not watch the show, the bottom 3 was Brooke, Syesha and Kristy Lee. When Ryan announced that Syesha was safe, my heart dropped! Literally! I was so afraid for Brooke. I did not want her to leave.. Not yet anyways. So then Ryan said '..the person staying with us, (pause)' I had my hands covering my eyes, I was peeking through my fingers, I was chanting 'Brooke.. Brooke.. Brooke.. Please be Brooke...' My heart started pounding, I had tears in my eyes, and right before I lost it, dear ol' Ryan said 'is Brooke'. I actually sat up and started clapping all by myself. I was so so so so happy! weeee..

    Yesss! I so love Brooke White and thank you to American Idol for the possible breakdown/heart attack. :p

    Aack! It is 4am! Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. 

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    4:15 AM

    Thursday, April 17, 2008

    I miss her,
    and her,
    and her too.

    I miss him,
    and him,
    yes I really do.

    You guys should know who you are. Here's a hint. 

    I am in dire need of a 3-hour long sit down + coffee + gossips + giggles + hand gestures + kisses + hugs + crazy-ness + ice-cream + butterscotch + panini + donuts + F + I + C + A!

    My last paper is on the 8th of May. Enter that as a reminder!! ;)

    3:20 PM

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008
    Isn't it Ironic?

    I was all Miss Earth in the morning and by night I want a sports car! 
    Ha. Ha.
    Buuuuuut, I swear I will only drive a car when I need to. I promise.

    Regarding THE GORGEOUS below, I shall keep him in my garage (when I have one) and keep it for display purposes only. (riiighht..)

    Oh heck, a girl can dream.

    10:46 PM


    8:57 PM

    A Friendly Reminder.

    Good morning all you beautiful faces of the earth,

    This is just a quickie to remind you that Global Warming is occurring as you read, no joke.
    It's time to turn off your lights, the a/c, that radio you listen to when you sleep, that computer you leave on, the telly you are not watching, just switch everything off for at least an hour. You'll be glad to know that you are assisting in saving the world. We all can be Heroes if we want to.

    Now MOVE.

    It's time to apologize.

    10:31 AM

    Monday, April 14, 2008
    Because YOU'RE worth it!

    It was a bright, sunny, scorching hot day. I drove for miles and miles to the venue.

    (I wrote that about 2 weeks ago. Thank Blogger for the automatic save.)

    Baby has a nickname now, and it is Katak. Because she has just been annoying lately. Sorry Baby, but yeah you irritate me. Stop shutting down on your own!! That is mainly why I haven't been bothered to blog. 

    Back to the first line.
    It was on a Saturday, Boyfriend had a basketball match, I went to see it. :) Basic stuff right?
    Buuut, I had to stop by at his house first to pick up his bed sheets. His mom opened the gate. Aack! It was my first time meeting her and I was ALONE. My nerves were out-of-this-world. I haven't even spoke to her! First time meeting the Boyfriend's Mom. Enough to make me poop in my pants! (Lucky I didn't though!) And I am glad things worked out fine, his mom was pleasant and cool. =) She passed me the paper bag with the bed sheets and I salam-ed her, and I was back in the car in before you could say 'Alan stole the monkey'. 
    Oh shoot, I was rather rushy wasn't I? Doink. Doink. Okay, too late to worry about that. 
    I was in a rush anyway, to catch Boyfriend in action! He told me his game starts at 11 but at 10.34 he called to say that he was going to play soon. (In my mind I was going UH-OHH!) I was still in KL but I had to lie to him and told him that I was in Shah Alam getting lunch. Hee. 
    Oh by the way, he didn't know I was coming so yeah it was a surprise. Hehe.
    When I asked him why is the game starting early he said the previous one has been cancelled. Oh noo... I really had no choice at that point but to zooooooooooooooooom all the way to his college. I told myself to reach there at 11.15. 
    At 11.14 I entered the gate to his college. Praying and wishing his game hasn't finished, I saw the court as I drove (I had NO idea where the court was initially.. simply lah!) and and ooh are those the jerseys of his team?? My eyes lit up in excitement! I parked my car, stepped out, checked myself out (haha) in the car window and walked quickly to the side of the court.

    And there he was, in his jersey, with the number 15 at the back, strutting his skills. All I could do was smile. Yes, I finally get to see him do what he loves. :)
    I just stood and stared at him, watched him play the game. His game. 

    Apparently it was only the 2nd quarter and it was his first one on the court. I did not miss a thing!! Glad. Happy. Over the mooon
    The funny thing was that he did not see me AT ALL. Not until he took a break and sat down a few meters away from me. Even then, he did not see me

    And then FINALLY, he turned his head to the left and saw me eye-ing him. He instantly looked down.. and then up.. and then down again. And then the-moment-I-will-never-forget, he smiled. A big ol' grin appeared on his face. That was when I knew.. 

    10:51 PM

    Sunday, April 13, 2008
    The E Word.

    *whispers* Exams. They are around the corner. Only 7 days away!! Yeah, a lil panicky but still able to stay calm. Breathe Dya breathe.. So I have 7 courses right? One is English and it is 100% on-going assessment so I don't think I have to worry about that. The other 6 however, hmm.. Okay, I can minus Islamic Civilization. I don't even have the book believe it or not! Haha. I so need to get it at the library. By wednesday!!
    Okay, the next 5 includes Personal Development, Managerial Economics, International Financial Management, Mandarin 3 and Investment Analysis. PD is common sense, Mandarin needs practice and the other 3, STUDYYYYYY.. Read, memorize, revise, the whole nine yards! And I have about a week to do all that. Yes, Dya you can and you will do it!

    So why still procrastinate? Good question.

    2:28 PM