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That girl in the picture is Nadia and this is where she writes about things you don’t really want to know.


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    Monday, July 30, 2007

    My baby passed away today. We buried her. She is gone. I am currently sobbing and feeling really weak. What did I do wrong? Perhaps I should've given her more TLC. But i did love her!! She is the first pet I have ever loved! For the 2 weeks she has been in our home, she has enlightened my life. I look forward for her to wake up so I could hold her and feed her and cradle while she falls asleep in my arms. Oh how i miss her. I used to sing to her.. She loved music. I know that. She also loved soft fabric. She would curl up in our old clothes and get lost inside the crumpled piece of material. She was the cutest, most prettiest little kitten! sobs..
    Delila baby.. Boomboom.. I love you. And I really hope that cats do have 9 lives! I miss you! I even miss your shrieking meaw-ing in the middle of the night. I am truly sorry if I did not treat you well enough. I did my best, baby. I am sorry for you.. I am sorry for myself. I am simply lonely without you. *bursting into tears yet again*

    12:04 AM

    Friday, July 27, 2007
    2 hours.

    2 very short hours was all i had to shut my eyes! i feel like a zombie at the moment!
    I am groggy, irritated, SO not in the mood to do anything! except play ball! :) I really hope I will be able to make it.. There are electricians here right now fixing the blown up fuse. Blame the combination of 24 hours 'on' pc, amplifier, cd player, printer and router - all plugged into one weak socket! A tragedy waiting to happen right? So now, I have to wait for them to get things done before I can leave the house. I have not even had my lunch yet and it is already 10 past 4! *tummy churning*

    i am hungry! Maybe I should just go out and get me some food. And my poor brothers! I bet they are famished! Yeah, I shall do that.. Start the ignition, ease the clutch and turbooooo... right.


    4:01 PM

    Thursday, July 26, 2007
    Dance like nobody's watching!

    Nobody ever watches anyway, so that's easy-peasy-simple-pimple for me!
    Here I am, 20 past 1 in the morning designing some t-shirts for myself. I can't wait to get them printed!! :)

    My feet is aching, so is my 'behind', and abs! ouch! ouch! i am sooooo out of shape! to be in this much pain!? obvious aint it? That is what i have learnt from En.Saijuri (my wellness lecturer/coach/trainer-i still don't know what to refer him as!) Fitness is how we lead our daily lives without fatigue. Oh yeah that reminds me, I am supposed to write an essay on 'Benefits of Exercise'. Due on wednesday so i still have loads of time!
    Crap! My mandarin dialogue! Haven't even started on that! Too late to go to China now. Tomorrow, perhaps. "I'd like to get you on a slow boat to chinaa... all to myself.. alone.. lalala.."

    Ahh.. the reason why i am in so much pain.. one word - futsal. Last night was extra brutal somehow.. I came back with bruises and I couldn't even get up this morning!! Lucky-duck I didn't have class today. *grin*
    You know what? Tuesday is my favourite day of the week because of footie nights. I just love it. I look forward for tuesdays! I would wait patiently for the week to cruise by. Usually extremely slowwww though..with classes and all. However I still wait. By the way, huge thanks to Leez our 'tokeh'. Love youuu!!
    It is super fun playing with the girls. Boys, Don't you ever EVER say that a girl can't kick a ball! Believe you me, we kick! and kick, and kick, and we score!! Ha! In your face male goal keepers! Never underestimate us. Be caution at all times, we just look cute and innocent.

    Tomorrow is going to be a pretty long day for mee! 4 classes! bleurghh.. I think the administration should limit our classes.. say, 2 per day!?? Possible? *battling eyelashes*

    I better get some rest and prepare myself for 8 hours of lectures.. OHMYGOD waittt I've just remembered, one of the classes is being forwarded. That means....... tomorrow i have 10 hours of classes! Shucks!!

    Good Night to me! May I have the deepest sleep tonight! (sorry for being a lil selfish, but i NEED a good nights sleep!)


    1:13 AM

    Sunday, July 22, 2007
    Baking and Feeding

    Sounds like a new mom eh? Well, that is what i have been doing today, which is a sunday! Delila is still a baby so she needs immense taking care of and attention. weeee she is sooo cute!

    Her very own milk "bottle"!!

    Just look at that face!

    Oh I love you.

    Guess what? me and mom baked chocolate brownies!! yum yum yumm-o! We went to get our ingredients from this baking shop "bagus" - Our new favourite shop! They sell everything from A to Z regarding baking needs. And the smell of it! The sweet scent of cakes.. oOoohh..We also (actually just me) made pepperonni pizzas for dinner. Delishh. :) Oh how i appreciate the kitchen more nowadays.. I find cooking reduces stress! Agree? heh.

    *after a few minutes of blank-ness*

    I am tired and going to bed. Oh, after my bedtime reading of course.

    Good nightttt!!!

    10:22 PM

    Delila Boom.. my new found obsession!

    She is the prettiest little thinggg!! ggrrr.. I am totally in love with her!!
    It is my utmost intention to get her a gorgeous new big cage, a comfy "bed" and of course, a potty for her to do her tiny pungent businesses *smirk*. Plus plus plus, gourmet-style meals! I want her to be FAT! Oh I can't wait! :)
    I love you boom!

    12:31 AM

    Friday, July 20, 2007
    teenager no more!

    In 15 minutes Izra will turn 20!! you are getting old hun! (haha as if i'm soo young!?)
    Happy happy birthday to youuuuuuu!! Wishing you lots of money, smiles and everlasting laughter! hahahaha.... the last one is very easy to achieve right? *wink*
    Thank you for the lovely dinner.. I am full to the brim! good food + great company = perfect party! I'm all smiles.. :)

    psst: 10 more minutes!! Oh wait, 9!

    I love you Izra!

    This entry is specifically dedicated to you. hee.

    7 minutess!!!


    11:44 PM

    Thursday, July 19, 2007
    Morning! Morning!

    The clock displays 9:04.
    I am inclined to get up and ready myself to go print out my assignment (which is my very own CV) and make a quick stop at the petrol station by 10 because thats when Leez is coming to pick me up to go to class. That reminds me, I havent text her! (while texting..) Wont be back till 6!!!! Oh the agony of it all. Shucks.
    Well then, I better switch myself on speed mode. Tara!

    I clicked on 'publish post' seconds before Leez replied my text saying her class only starts at 4! i envyyyy her. So.. Change of plans, I guess I'm driving then. (wish me luck for a parking space! fyi, there are very limited parking lots available in Uitm ughhh)
    Oh wait, why does the date says today is the 18th of July? It is the 19th ok!

    9:03 AM


    psst: first entryyyyy!!!

    *clearing my throat* gosh what ever for!?

    okay okay, i shall begin with bout DO RE MI.. i am rambling, i know!!

    started my day off by watching the second (or maybe third i am not sure..) part of V for Vendetta, i know i am sooooo back dated but who cares!? After my movie-in-bed hour, which was at 9-ish in the morning (pretty darn early for someone who doesnt have classes the whole entire day! *happiness*) I got myself up from my blissful heaven a.k.a my bed and danced my way to the bathroom for a refreshing cold shower!
    Turned on the tele, attempted multiple times to 'fix' the Astro..failed miserably, gave up and headed back up to my post-tornado-location-lookalike room. I must get rid of this mess!!!!!! This is a crucial situation! I feel like there'll be elephants and grizzly bears here when i wake up tomorrow. So yeah, there goes my dirty little secret (not anymore!) I, Nadia am a messed up messy person. Something I am SO not fond of fyi. Where are my fairy godparents when i need them??? I wish i had those two 5 inches short fairies to grant my every wish. Dya, you must really stop believing in cartoons!
    It was half past 12 and i was feeling bored as ever, decided then to go get lunch for me and my 2 monkeys. Oops! i meant my brothers. (ha ha not funny ha ha). Drove to the 'IT' lunch spot which is the kopitiam in section 13, wishfully thinking there wouldnt be many people.. but hell-oooo!! It was lunch time for goodness sake. The place was flooded with hungry human beings! Yes, I can also be dumb sometimes. sue me. Cruised my way back to section 9 and picked up my 'hotstuph sista' jaja and settled for 1901 at the mall. (which is conveniently located inches away from my house! what a waste of petrol!) I then resided back home to deliver the dogs to the monkeys (lol). Phone rang, picked it up and it was nenek on the other line asking us to join them for lunch. I offered them my service so we drove to their apartment and took them to this new cafe in sec.9 (a spitting distance away from their crib). The weather differed, it started drizzling. Sent my grandparents back, and there I was heading towards the TNB to pay our electricity bill. I am not, i repeat not looking forward to pay my own bills. I would love to able to live alone though but with my so called income (which concludes my allowance and study loan) i would have to live in the dark with no water. NO i am not ready to move out. I can hear a loud sigh from my mom's room. hee..
    By the time I got home, It was already 4 plus. Went online for a couple of minutes to check my mail.. nothing interesting. bah! Layed down, wink wink wink 5.30!! It was time to pick up my McD clan (Ween, Emma and Azie) from class as they were blank on ideas on how to kill 2 hours before our wellness club meeting at 8. By this time it was raining kittens and puppies, pouring i tell you!! So I took them to SACC (Shah Alam City Centre in case you didnt know) for dinner (and shelter!) at Palma where we had mamakmia (mee goreng mamak), kueytiaw and black fungus noodles. As usual, Azie took her own sweet time making her decision on what to eat. Seriously people, she can never make her decision (On anything!). We were halfway through our meals when she finally ordered.
    We left SACC with overfilled stomachs, feeling woozy we drove our way to our ever so wonderful campus (haha) Uitm. Pick-up point number 1 was kak Ina and Kina. And pick-up point number 2 was Amy. 7 of us in the car! Imagine that!!
    Wellness Club is undoubtedly interesting (as the teacher/coach/trainer/i-dont-know-what-to-call-him-plus-I-forgot-his-name have mentioned several times during his 2 hours long story telling period) It is interesting in fact! I am utterly excited to be a part of this club! It is all about living a healthy lifestyle and basic stuff like how to eat right and the correct ways of excercising. Yeah, I really must pay my utmost attention to him!
    He ended his 'talk' around 10.30, at that time we were all feeling drained and sleepyyy..and I was holding it in. (needed the loo real bad!)
    After sending the girls (this time only 3) back to their designated destination, I zoomed towards home (I am afraid of car stalkers ok!) and made a beeline to the loo. *Sigh of relief*

    It was certainly a Good day. :)

    12:09 AM