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    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    I can feel the caffeine and sugar making their way to my brain.. please work! I am counting on this energy drink to keep me awake till tomorrow night! Possible?
    The thing is, I have 2 tests tomorrow! well, today actually.. (!!!) T.W.O!! I only knew about 1 so I was like It's okay, i can study tonight or even tomorrow morning and during the lunch break. But noooo.. I had to find out (thank God I did though) that i will be having another test as well. aarrrgghh!!! And the best part was.. and still is.. I HAVE NOT READ A SINGLE SENTENCE! Forget about revising. This is truly what you call last minute studying. Ugh. This week has been an utter mess! I am riding on an emotional rollercoaster! Soooo many things turned out wrong. Seriously. I declare this week as Poo Week.. for now. I really hope things will return to its normal ways and gosh please make these coming days less stressful. I am experiencing breakouts!
    Oh man.. Noooooo.... I am sleepy! How could this be!? Energy drinks are supposed to give you energy! arrrrggghh...

    *heavy sigh*

    2:15 AM

    Sunday, August 12, 2007
    Alive & Definitely Kicking!

    Sitting on my not-so-comfy chair, feeling rather uncomfortable not only because of the mentioned chair but my ankle, buttocks and hips are in paiiiiiinnn.... Not forgetting my head which is a lil swollen from my head-collusion with one of the opponents teammates. That, I can honestly admit - HURTS!! I actually plunged down to the hard floor and had to take a moment to synchronize my brain. I stood up feeling ever so woozy.. Everything was such a blur.. All I saw was shocked looking faces and grey. Yes the world turned grey for an instant. I tried to walk, I did but very drunk-like. I nearly collapsed onto the ground (again) but nay, snapped myself back to reality, gave my thumbs up the my "coach" and continued playing..

    Today was my first ever Futsal Tournament! It was organized by B.E.S (Business Elite Society - International Business Students, thanks guys!)
    Unfortunately we did not win. Not even close haha. We got into Quat-Finals (well, every team did).. And lost 3-1 to get this, our very own seniors! Yup! The other finance team! So we were totally fine with it. Go finance! Go! Go! Go finance! wOooo... Man, that was fun. Alot of fun! Reeeeeally helped with my so called 'depression'. hehe. Who needs anti-depression pills when you can kick a ball as hard as you possibbly can? I assure you the latter is so worth it.

    I don't really mean I was depressed ok. Just experienced a personal crisis. You know.. Things you go through when you are in Uni. Stressful! And the worst thing is, my skin is blowing off my 'happy-me' cover! Got fugly zits everywhere! *annoyed*

    Thanks to a couple of my friends for being there when I needed advice. You know who you are. Thanks a bunch! <333

    Hmm..I am sooo thirsty! In the last hour, i've already had 2 glasses of coke, a big cup of guava juice and now I feel like having iced milo. But I'm just far too tired to make me some. Ugh.



    12:33 AM

    Wednesday, August 8, 2007
    I bruise easily.

    Another tuesday night, another futsal "get together". Happy happy! Buuuutt... I was having a headache and the infamous grueling P.pain so nooo I did not play much. Nevertheless, the enjoyment was definitely there! What was pretty sad though is that elly and nabila wont be able to play with us anymore. Boohoo! Both of them are moving on to college life. Good luck to them! :)

    I had my first test of the semester today! Economics! The subject I despise haha. And the lecturer who scares the fart out of me. She is soooo soft spoken but at the same time she has her own tiny evil-like gestures she gives out especially to non-tudung-wearing-girls. i,e: ME! Dont get me wrong, its not that I dont like her.. just that she creeps me out a bit. And noooo i dont know how the test will turn out! I think I know all the answers but maybe I'm wrong. Honestly, I have no idea! *biting nail*

    Sigh.. I cannot wait for our next dance class!! Why oh why must Joseph cancel this week's class? hmmm.. Maybe I'll join another class for the day. *light bulb above my head!*

    So okay, I will be lame no-more by tomorrow because I'm FINALLY going to watch transformers! yaeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    Will write again soon!!
    xoxo to a certain someone. *wink wink*

    12:11 AM

    Sunday, August 5, 2007
    Long time coming!

    After so many delays and cancelations, we are finally enrolled in TH! Me and izra are attending hiphop dance classes! woot woot! It was incredibly fun! Looking forward to our next one. yaeyy....

    Plus i am also learning salsa through videos.. and yeah, endless list of choreographies, and ohh!! learning to play some songs on the keyboard too! he he.. the perks of living at home while studying in uni. Me prancing around the house and stabbing the keyboard.. *i am all smiles*

    Soo.. what has been up? Definitely a hectic week.. classes were utterly boring! Constant yawning all through monday to friday. Gosh. That's alot of yawning!
    Had my first assignment, did it, went to class and darrrrn I did it wrong!! haha. Conclusion - copy someone elses. No no just kidding! Bad, bad dya, bad!! First assignment means serious business. Means that there will be numerous more coming!! Already have 2 pending. *bore*

    Enough about my boring school i love so much. (I do??)
    Ahh.. futsal! We had a friendly match with some strangers.. They were super! Soooo not like us! We actually have fun playing.. They on the other hand seem to be a tad too serious. But man they were good! They beat us up, bravo to them! But it wasn't a fair game.. At all! We did not have enough people as everyone seemed busy and couldn't make it. Bummer! And and since we were outnumbered, they lend us their player to play on our team but guess what!? She can't play. Like, whaaaaatt? So it didn't make any difference really, we were still outnumbered considering we had a 'tiang' as our defender. Sorry girl, but you know its true. However, we had fun. Sikit pun jadi la kan. Thats whats important! :) And thanks to them for actually inviting us to play. No grudge held here.

    I feel like i am the lame-est person on earth! I have not watched Transformers!!! Its all still full booked! Gggrr... But nobody can stop me from watching it on wednesday. Even if I have to go alone, believe me I will.

    Alrighty then, tata for now!
    Going to a garage sale in the morning! How excitingg!!! wee..

    12:50 AM