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    Wednesday, April 23, 2008
    Happy Earth Day!

    In conjunction of Earth day (22nd of April), I wore green the whole entire day (and night!) Yeap, wearing green shorts at the moment. Aidi wore a green shirt, and Boyfriend wore green socks! :) Some cynical people would question the reason of wearing a specific color on Earth Day as it does not contribute anything whatsoever in the attempt of saving the world. Well in my opinion, the reason of this minor act is basically to remind ourselves about the earth. More of an awareness-act to acknowledge that we need more green in this world. That is just it. Similar to the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, the ONE wrist band for anti-poverty, HBO, MTV, yahoo and google's green-themed logo's, etc. The main purpose of those is to create awareness and hopefully will encourage positive actions.
    For more information on how you could save the world, visit this website. Respect!

    Moving on, today I woke up later than I initially wanted to. Way later! Poor Boyfriend had to call me 10 thousand times! He kept trying to wake me up since 9am. I was finally awaken around noon. I knew I had to study, but hey I was hungry. And I needed to do my laundry. 2 loads, naturally. So I carried my laundry basket with my notes, pencil and my phone stacked on top downstairs. Halfway down, my phone slipped and crashed onto the cold hard marble. Darno. Phone is injured, again. Anyway, I know I am the most lazy person in the whole entire world. I hate to go up and down the stairs so that is why I would grab everything I need at once to prevent me to do things twice. The consequences however, crash and burn.

    Perhaps I'm not as lazy as I thought. I made my own lunch today! *pats myself on the back* Was hungry for some home-made food. Checked our inventory, took things out from here and there, decided to make
    Aglio Olio. Or at least that's what it is supposed to be called. Haha. Turned out fine, I liked it. Just how I always make it. Plus minus the availability of certain ingredients that is. All in all, it tasted good to my mouth and stomach and that is all that matters! :)

    Nadia's Broc-shroom Conchiglie

    My day continued with some reading and a headache attacked me in the evening. Retired to my bed, but Oh boy, was that a mistake! I had the most horrifying possible dream! A total nightmare! Drastic! I woke up crying. Literally. Not going into details here as I do not want to remind myself about it. Hard to let it go though because in that dream (nightmare!), I lost someone I truly loved. Sobs. What started out as a minor dizziness ended as a major headache!!
    Nenek's voice is heard here "Siapa suruh tidur time Maghrib?"

    The night consisted of visiting the
    Gramps and buying dinner. Ate my dinner, which was a massive portion of rice! That is a recipe for disaster I tell ya. One thing about me, I cannot eat rice without feeling sleepy afterwards. Rice = Snooze. Friends are aware of that. Someone even offered to tie a pillow on his arm every time we eat rice so I could have a soft landing. lol.

    After dinner, I locked myself in my room. Started reading, some interruptions now and then but that is normal eh? Hee. Felt the rice effect, instantly went down to make myself a cup of coffee. Gulped it down and continued my reading. Read read read until I got bored so I began writing this entry. 

    And now I am ending it. It is time to get back to Personal Development! Something I truly need, don't I? Haha.

    Last words,

    2:00 AM